Sticky Blocks Game

Sticky Blocks was our first game we backed when Block Game was first started over 10 years ago. It is made in flash and is a fun sliding block puzzle game to play for free. We keep this game hosted to reflect the spirit of how far internet games have come since flash was used to publish indie games. Now with Blockchain games emerging as the future of gaming we have turned our focus to new opportunities.

About the Game

As gamers all around the world will no doubt be aware one of the predominant unwritten rules of any game is the more straightforward the game the better game play it has, and this is entirely true of Sticky Blocks.

This block puzzler is a fusion of several block concepts alongside some basic strategy games. A combination of the two makes this game a must play for all puzzle fans.

The basic premise of the game is you must use your purple block to navigate other blocks to their desired destination. To do this, you need to move your purple block to the desired block, then move both blocks to their destination. Now in theory this sounds like an extremely straightforward game, when the reality is far from that.

The first few levels of the 64 act as a walk through, and you should always make sure you read this, however, if you miss out this is what they say:

You can either use the arrows to control your purple sticky block or WASD as the up, left, down and right arrows respectively.

To restart the level you can press the symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen, or for a quick restart you can press R.

Also, in the majority of the levels, you gain a star rating, which tells you how well you have performed in that particular level. This adds considerable longevity onto the game because you can make sure you get the highest ratings before deciding you have completed the game.

Throughout the 50 levels of this blocks game, 8 bonus levels (and the 6 secret levels if you complete all levels with maximum star rating) the game becomes increasingly difficult by throwing in obstacles in the form of blockades. You will soon find that as you move your blocks around the maze you will find others sticking to you from all angles, and this is not what you want. This game has been extremely competent in the way it increases the difficultly from level to level.

To complete every level, you need to make sure you think of every move before you make it, because all that is required is one wrong directional move and you will have to restart the level. This is perhaps the games strongest challenge as it requires a highly skilled forward thinking gamer to complete it.

A game with this description should not be as addictive as it is, but for whatever reason this blocks game captures your attention on every level, and any game that can capture your attention from level to level is definitely worth playing.

If you do get stuck and find you need assistance with a level you can always consult the official sticky blocks walkthrough guide.