Game Blockchains

Enjin: Tokenising Game Items on the Ethereum Blockchain

enjin blockchain

Currently there is only one live game blockchain and that is Enjin on Ethereum. It is also the most known one of the two that exist. Enjin has enjoyed a lot of exposure due to the fact that it announced it was an official partner with Samsung, though details of exactly what the partnership entails still haven't come to light over a year later.

The other other coming soon which will have it's own blockchain is known as Ultra and has not yet been launched. Ultra is offering it's own unique solution that unlike Enjin on Ethereum, will be a completely different blockchain and already has been partnering with Ubisoft to validate transactions.

Ultra Blockchain: Looking to Disrupt the PC Game Distribution Monopoly

ultra blockchain

Where as Enjin looks to integrate actual in game assets onto the Ethereum blockchain, that is only a small part of the Ultra project. Ultra is a complete game distrubution platform with the ability not only to tokenise in game items on their blockchain but to download games via their blockchain. Crucially Ultra are aiming to disrupt the PC game monopoly established a long time ago by Steam who charge an extortionate 30% of sales revenue to developers.

Ultra will allow game developers and influencers to collaborate and recommend games in return for 50% revenue share for all game sales collected from the users they bring to the blockchain. This is highly generous and should prove a potent attraction to mass adoption of their platform quickly.