Were Box Game

Were Box received a warm welcome from Armor Games but it has yet to be published on a lot of gaming portals.

  • Kongregate.com - Not published.
  • Newgrounds.com - Not published.
  • ArmorGames.com - 78%
  • Funny-Games.biz - Not published.

About Were Box

Were Box is a free browser-based online game by Vogt. No full moon is required in this addicting physics-based puzzle game. Players are charged with the task of saving the city from the evil red balls that have invaded. Coloured balls and blocks serve as the heroes that have a special talent that sets them apart from normal physics-based blocks - they can change form. These shape shifting boxes and balls are called "were boxes" and are here to save their city. The game features an inventive theme and a fun soundtrack to accompany a great game.

The gist of the Were Box game is to get the evil red blocks and balls off the screen. Using the "were boxes," which transform from box to ball and back. Players must manoeuvre the red pieces off the ledges without knocking off any of the other coloured blocks and balls. There is no place for kamikaze missions in Were Box, if any colour other than red leaves the ledge, the level is failed. Additionally, some of the red pieces are also weres. However, some are so evil, they are resistant to change and stay boxes or balls, respectively. The game is controlled by the mouse, and to change a ball or block, click on the chosen piece, to change them back, click them again. The game reminds me somewhat of blockage.

The game spans twenty levels. For added reassurance, a handy "restart" button is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Some of these levels are extremely difficult due to tough strategies and timing issues. This means you may need to restart a level several times before you even know your plan of action. Players that are lucky or very well-versed in physics puzzles will do well without the restart, but others will be very grateful as the game progresses and becomes increasingly difficult. As you progress through the game levels are unlocked as you complete the earlier levels. The game also offers a link to a full video walkthrough for players needing assistance.

Were Box game is a very unique game in the physics-based puzzle genre. It incorporates a fun aspect of changing pieces, and the animation of the pieces is quite humorous, which adds more flimsy fun to the game. As a casual browser-based game, Were Box is definitely a good game for a large range of gamers, especially those that may be bored of the 'norm'.

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