Wake Up The Royalty 2 Game

Wake Up The Royalty Level Pack achieved high marks amougnst the online gaming community:

  • Kongregate.com - 76%
  • Newgrounds.com - ?
  • ArmorGames.com - 82%
  • Funny-Games.biz - ?

About Wake Up the Royalty 2 - Level Pack

Wake the Royalty 2 Game - Level Pack is a continuation of the ever-popular Wake the Box and Wake the Royalty series. These free online browser-based games take players on a journey of sleep-deprivation. The only difference is in these games, the gamers are the ones causing the deprivation. The game and the preceding series are very popular, and this is why there has been additional levels released. The additional twenty levels of Wake Up the Royalty 2 - Level Pack are even more inventive than the first Wake the Royalty game, and have been designed by players of the first game in the series.

The goal of Wake Up the Royalty 2 game is to wake up the royal family. The square shaped King, triangular Prince, and elliptical Queen are all asleep and need to be awoken. They are generally perched precariously upon small platforms, hung from ropes, and any other number of strange set-ups. Using wooden pieces, such as sticks, blocks, and circles, players must knock them down, or at the very least disturb their comfort enough to wake them up.

At the top of the screen, are all of pieces that are available to use on the current level. These pieces are shown in the order that they can be used. Players click their cursor to the desired placement of each piece, and the piece is placed. However, when the piece on the cursor shows a red "x," this piece is not in an available spot and must be moved to a clear space, where you can place it without problems. Some of the strategic moves for placement of pieces include using pieces as a weight, a paddle, or even a poker. Many levels are set up with potential mechanisms, and only take a simple correct placement to set the tools in motion and wake the royal.

Wake Up the Royalty 2 - Level Pack takes a new journey through the physics game genre and includes twenty all-new levels for gamers to enjoy. The series of games is created by Eugene Karataev and can be played online for free as a browser-based game. The same whimsical soundtrack and attractive artwork is featured in Wake the Royalty 2 game. It is an entertaining and witty game with all that players have come to expect from the family of games.

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