Wake Up The Box 3 Game

In the wake up the box games your aim is to do exactly what the game says on the tin! wake up the sleeping box. The box is sat like humpty dumpty on a piece of wood and it is up to you to capsize the wood and make the box fall to his peril thus waking him up. Your box has a surprised and almost bewildered face when he takes a tumble so he is not very grateful for you waking his lazy sorry bum up, but who cares, that's the aim of the game!

The first wake up the block game was sponsored by ololo games and proved a great success. Featuring 20 levels the first five are very basic and easy to complete and are solely designed to ease you into the game play. You can try wake up the box 1 here yourself. It won't take long for the levels to get challenging, after the first 5 levels your puzzle solving skills start to be properly tested. You are then given more than one wooden shaped block to attach to various others throughout the screen. Attaching these blocks in the correct order and to the correct fixed blocks will determine your success or failure.

Have a go yourself and see if you can wake up the box on all the levels! The 3rd addition of this game, wake up the box 3 has not yet been released. So far there are 4 versions of the game, 1 and 2 and the royalty packs. When the offical third title has been published we will upload it here for you to play!