Wake Up The Box 1 Game

Wake Up The Box 1 received excellent marks from the games community including:

  • Kongregate.com - 80%
  • Newgrounds.com - 84%
  • ArmorGames.com - 85%
  • Funny-Games.biz - 86%

About Wake Up the Box 1

Why can we not just let the boxes get some sleep? For those of you that are familiar with the animated box games, you will know that some developers have it in for the majority of sleeping inanimate objects. In this guide, we will explore wake up the box 1 game and why this 'series' of games is one of the most popular 'time kill' choices for online flash game players.

As the name suggests, your goal is to wake up the boxes on every level using a series of objects that are given to you. The first few levels of the 20 act as a walkthrough to the game, and you should pay attention to them if you are new to the game, otherwise you can just breeze through them.

On the top left hand corner of the screen, you will see the wooden objects that are available to use. You should always look at these items before you start the level so you can evaluate your tactics. These wooden objects can only be attached to other wooden objects, while metal or brick segments cannot have wood attached to them. The wooden objects that you lay down must be attached to another piece of wood.

Every one of the 20 levels offers something challenging to all different levels of gamers. Before you just dive in, you need to plan how you intend to wake up the sleeping box; otherwise you will just find yourself hitting the reset button, until your R key needs to be replaced.

The challenge in the game comes with trying to work out how gravity will work once you have attached your wooden object to the side or directly on the structure. On the first and second levels you are told what to do, and will be able to see how the game works, but be warned, these two levels are extremely easy, compared to some of the other levels.

The game layout and sound are whimsy which adds to the fun of the game, and is in keeping with the graphical interface and general game play.

Gamers that have come across the work of this particular developer will know that the majority of his games have the same type of level layout and objective, however, this game has not really changed too much from his others, therefore, if you like this type of game try some of his other games.

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