Under Construction Game

About Under Construction

The free online browser game, Under Construction, is an exciting, fast-paced puzzle game. Under Constructions takes players through level after level of building, in hopes of being left with no holes in their masonry. Under Construction features a decent background soundtrack and a strong graphical interface to round out the excellent and addictive game. It takes some of its inspiration from Tetris.

The goal of Under Construction game is to place blocks of differing colours and shapes onto a grey area without having any empty spaces when completed. Blocks run down a conveyor belt toward a discard area. Players can either select a block, by using their mouse, or allow it to fall into the discard pile, resulting in a small penalty. If a player erroneously selects a block, they can place it in the discard pile; as well. Once the block is selected, players can click the left mouse button again to rotate it to the shape to their desired orientation.

However, this can only be done outside the grey area. If the left mouse button in clicked inside the grey area, the block is placed and cannot be picked up again, therefore, you need to be careful. The grey area of each level is irregularity shaped and often-times the areas have holes in to create added obstacles. Players must piece together blocks to fill up the entire grey area without any single-block holes. Single-block holes like the discard pile results in penalties that you want to try and avoid.

Under Construction features an intelligent design, which sets it apart from other puzzle games in its genre of tetris block games. It also features a few extras to increase the entertainment level. There are a few bonuses and free tools to assist players in the game. Firstly, coloured blocks can be placed next to one another to earn colour bonuses. The more like-coloured blocks in succession, the more points you will receive. Additionally, there are two tools to assist players.

The masonry tool fills in a single-block space. However, this can only be done before the last block is placed, or the level will end. There are four masonry tools available for use. The other tool is a sledgehammer. This deletes any block that you want to eliminate; this helps players that are worried about a block that they have placed previously.

Under Construction is both entertaining and challenging. The game features a unique layout and many exciting levels. The conveyor get increasingly quick as the levels progress, making the game a good choice for newbie's that want to have a challenge the further they progress.

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