Totem Destroyer 2 Game

Totem Destroyer 2 has equally high marks as the first game except on Kongregate where the gamers seem to be a more critical bunch and gave the game 79%:

  • - 79%
  • - 87%
  • - 90%
  • - 88%

About Totem Destroyer 2

Just when you thought that you had blown up all the blocks available on the Internet Totem Destroyer is back with the second game in the series.

After just 25 levels in the first game, the developers knew that this was not enough and that dedicated puzzle gamers wanted many more blocks to blow up, so the creators have delivered with a terrific sequel in the series.

Totem Destroyer 2 game has one of the simplest game layouts throughout the puzzle game world. The idea of the game for those of you that do not know is to make sure the tot (golden character) survives while you destroy the blocks around the character.

As with the majority of second games in any series the game has improved vastly, but Totem Destroyer has improved more than the majority of other sequels. Not only has the game got more levels, but it has improved almost every single aspect of the game.

The game has become much harder than the first with the introduction of new tots. Now there are also different shaped characters which move differently to the first game in the series; for example, there are now smaller characters, and this automatically makes them harder to move about. On other levels, there is more than one. The second game has also brought in more totems, in the first game there were just the three, but now there are six, the original three plus the following:

  • Explosive Totems - explode when you blow them up causing the totem to go flying in some instances.
  • Combo totems - can only be destroyed when they are in pairs.
  • UFO totems - fly away when they do not have enough weight holding them down.

These additional totems and tots not only make the game more playable than its predecessor, but also makes the game much harder than before.

In terms of extra levels, the game's developer says that there is now hours of block bashing fun to be had before you're even near completion, and as Totem Destroyer fans will no doubt be aware, the first game could be completed within 30 minutes.

On top of all of these changes, there is also a level editor in Totem Destroyer 2, which allows addicts of the series to create their own levels.

With all of these updates, you may think that the game has lost its originality and addictiveness, but this is anything but the case. Totem destroyer 2 game is much more playable than the first in the series, as the games kept its premise, but made necessary developments from the first.

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