Totem Destroyer 1 Game

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About Totem Destroyer 1

It is likely that your first thought surrounding Totem Destroyer 1 game is what exactly is a Totem and why are we trying to destroy it? However, do not let the name throw you. The whole point of the game is to make sure you do not destroy the Totem!

This block puzzle game is brought onto our screens by Armor games. Your goal from level to level is to make sure the 'tot' (the golden character) does not fall off his blocks while you destroy them from around him. You are given an certain amount of blocks that you need to destroy to progress to the next level. There are 25 exceptional levels in this game which get harder the further on your progress.

There are three types of block in this game:

  • Black blocks; are indestructible, and you cannot destroy them by clicking on them.
  • Green blocks; are bouncy blocks which need to be kept untouched for as long as possible because destroying one of these will leave unpredictable results.
  • Brown blocks; are normal blocks; these are the blocks you should make sure you eliminate before any others.

This game will require more than just a portion of your wit and cunning nature. You will need to pay full attention to every move you make and be ready to move quickly to make sure the tot does not fall to the ground.

From level to level you can set personal bests. Your personal bests are shown in terms of the time that it took you to complete the level. To add longevity it is always a smart idea to go back and try and complete every single level a bit quicker than the last time. You will also be able to find other players times and try and race against them to become the best.

One of the great things about this game is that there is not just one correct way to complete each level. This means that you get to think of your own methods to destroy the blocks, instead of following methods that have already been used.

Totem Destroyer 1 game is remarkably understated, yet one of those games which is incredibly hard to put down before completion. You will need to be logical, and have a quick reaction time; if you have neither of these points then this game will probably cause you a lot of problems, but play it well and you will be rewarded!

If you have completed the 25 levels on offer in the first game why not try Totem Destroyer 2?

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