Tetris Neave Game

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About Neave Tetris

Neave Tetris game is the creation of designer Paul Neave. The game is a homage to the original Tetris game by Nintendo, and the Neave version is now a popular free browser game. Originally Paul Neave designed the game independently of Nintendo but after the game received massive viral success Mr Neave and Nintendo came together to rebrand the game - thus calling it Tetris N Blocks.

The free tetris game has a very simple layout. The goal is to avoid filling up the screen so it overflows. Strategy and a good mind for puzzles will ensure that all ten levels of this game are passed without any problems. Like the original game, each level increases in speed, which makes the game extremely difficult by the last few levels. Players move successively through the level as the game progresses, ending with the fastest level of all.

The game consists of four-units: square block, long block, right angle right, right angle left, and a block that resembles a short upper-case "T." Although blocks are shown in a number of bright colours, the colour of the block has no bearing on its placement or function. Blocks drop from the top of the screen and fall down the screen. The player must move, rotate, and drop the blocks into position, avoiding gaps in construction.

Each time a row is completely filled from one side to the other, without gaps, that row disappears and the tower drops. Avoiding gaps in construction allows full rows to be built, and the tower to decrease in size, keeping the player from coming dangerously close to the top of the screen, which will cause you to restart. In the top right-hand corner of the screen is a box that depicts the next block that you will need to place. It is vital that you keep you eye on the next block because it can help you place your current block.

The Tetris N Blocks game is played with the arrow keys, and the functions are just as simple as the original game. The left and right arrows move the blocks from side to side while the up arrow rotates the block. This can help in cases where oddly-shaped blocks will only fit into the tower if orientated properly. The down arrow speeds up the drop of the block. Once the block falls all the way down, it cannot be moved anymore. Therefore, you need to make sure you get it right.

Neave Tetris game is a simple and entertaining homage of designer Paul Neave to the popular and famed Tetris game. This ten-level game is free and available for browser play and is a fun excursion for the mind. We have numerous other tetris like games for you to play at our site in case you get bored with this one!

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