Super Stacker 1 Game

Super Stacker 1 received solid marks on many of the big gaming portals including:

  • - 87%
  • - 82%
  • - Not Published.
  • - 86%

About Super Stacker 1

There are fewer ways to have fun than to balance items that have no right being on top of one another, well there are, but this is still a great way of passing time. The Super Stacker 1 game is the flash game equivalent that will no doubt meet all of your block stacking needs.

The idea of Super Stacker 1 is to balance a variety of squares, rectangles, triangles and circles on top of one another without them falling off of the screen. At the top of the screen, you can see the objects that need to be placed on the screen, as well as what size they are, this will allow you to judge the difficulty of the level before you proceed.

The game has just 12 levels of fun for block gamers. The levels progress in difficultly all the way through from the first to the last, with little in the way of variation; this means you can almost guarantee that every level is harder than the last. The games objective is to complete all 12 levels in as little time as possible, and submit your best time to rank among the all time stacking greats.

The game offers little in the way of additional extras, but there is no reason for it to offer the earth in terms of graphics and sound when the game play is so straightforward. The sound effects are decent, and the shapes come with rather comical faces, and their mood depends on if they are falling or if they are safe.

The majority of the first 5 or 6 levels are straightforward, and require little in the way of tactical thinking, just a steady hand. The later 6 levels are difficult and require a lot of tactical thinking as well as a remarkably steady hand.

While this game may not be extravagant or startling in the way it is presented, the game play is truly addictive and tough, which is everything the majority of gamers look for with an online flash game. Super Stacker 1 adds terrific replay value, because you can always strive to complete the game in a much quicker time.

Once you have completed the first game why not try Super Stacker 2 which features even more block stacking and balancing challenges.

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