Sticky Ninja Academy Game

Move like a Butterfly, Sting like a Ninja

You play the role of a ninja in training. Your goal is to complete each course to become the true master of ninjutsu. Guided by your master, your goal is to traverse each level while gathering treasure and collecting points (taking the least amount of turns gives a huge amount of points) while opposing enemy ninjas and other obstacles attempt to block your path. Can you master your skills and become the next sticky ninja master? Come enroll at the Sticky Ninja Academy to find out.

If looks can kill

Sticky Ninja Academy's stages are varied, colorful, well animated and most importantly, well thought of. Seldom do we see a puzzle/platforming game with such a variety of stages. Each stage varies, from dojos, temples, forests and other locations. You will never get bored at looking at the stages while on your path to becoming a master ninja. The developer’s choice in designing each level compliments the game’s theme pretty well. These stages gives the Sticky Ninja Academy something most games rarely have, which is immersion in the world the game is set in. We really dig the use of colorful backgrounds and different locales in game.

Whistle in the Wind

The game’s sounds and effects are very well suited to its theme. We really appreciate the use of oriental tunes. The serenity of each stage’s composed music adds to the feeling that you’re really a ninja in training in different Japanese locales. Rarely do we hear such finely composed background music in these types of game and the developers of Sticky Ninja Academy really stepped up on this one. Drums, chimes, violins, these are but some of the instruments you will be hearing in the games oriental inspired tunes for game. This is one of the aspects of game that we truly liked and really hope the other developers would invest in.

The Path to Enlightenment

Jump, kick and stick! Sticky Ninja Academy's gameplay is where the game truly shines. Simple, fun and addictive, this game had us playing for hours. Trying to beat our scores and thinking of new ways to get through each stage with the least amount of turns while taking out baddies and breaking stuff (all of these contribute to your total score at the end of the stage) kept us hooked. Controlling our hero is as basic as flinging the green stuff from your nose - sorry, I just had to say it. You pretty much "fling" him by pressing down on the left button of your mouse over your ninja then pulling back, while taking aim on where he lands, sticks or in some case kicks through - action hero style.

Master knows best. Throughout out your training, your master gives you the tips and tricks of the trade in order for you to totally master your sticky ninja skills. Taking full advantage of what you have learned is the key to racking up your score. Your master will also point out a lot of things to take note of, from sticky walls, moving platforms and even water mills, all of these can be interacted with and be used to help you traverse the course. While your master's words are important, it is really up to the player on how they play through the levels. Do you stick to the ceiling and keep yourself in the shadows or do you try your luck in doing combos on rival ninjas? Sticky Ninja Academy leaves the decision in your capable hands. While the game rewards you for finding hidden treasures or breaking in-game objects successively, you need to ask yourself first - is it worth taking that extra turn to gather points or is it better to promptly exit the level? Only you can decide.

Look before you leap. Platforming tends to provide the most challenge in these types of games, especially if you’re every move pertains to your final score. Sticky Ninja Academy provides a cool feature most games don't have, the option to move the screen to check your surroundings. Just press and hold down on the left button of your mouse over the screen and just move your mouse to study the terrain. This really helps in finding the best path to take and to check whether there are dangers lurking in each path ahead. Would you stick to the walls or ride the wind to reach that far off ledge? Having the ability to move the camera/screen will be your best friend in making those hard platforming decisions.

Know your surroundings. There are a lot of things in the game that can either help or hinder you in your quest for that elusive high score. Trap doors, bouncy mushrooms and on some occasions, Mother Nature herself, are just some of the things you will encounter on your journey. Mastering the objects around you will aid you in garnering more points, especially during combos.

An Apprentice’s Journey

Like many games of this genre Sticky Ninja Academy provides little in terms of story. While some developers go the extra mile by providing a plot, the Long Animal’s focused their efforts on gameplay. Basically you take control of a ninja in training and with the aid of his master, help him become a fully fledged master ninja – that is the whole story in a nutshell.

Master's Decision

Overall, we highly recommend this game to everyone. Even people who don’t play puzzle/platformer games should really give Sticky Ninja Academy a try. It is fun, addictive and easy to play, while providing just enough challenge for veteran and casual players. Players will be replaying earlier stages with hopes of getting a better score, while at the same time minding their turns to achieve an even better score than their first play through. With good graphics and a top notch soundtrack, this is puzzle/platformer is a cut above the rest. We promote this ninja to an elite rank of  90/100.

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