Splitter 2 Game

Splitter 2 went one better on the original game with its game play and challenges and was awarded high marks on all of the top gaming sites including the ones below:

  • Kongregate.com - 86%
  • Newgrounds.com - 86%
  • ArmorGames.com - Not published
  • Funny-Games.biz - 87%

About Splitter 2

Splitter 2 game is a free online browser puzzler by Eugene Karakaev, and is the second edition of a very popular physics-based puzzle game, find the first game here. The game features a lovely soundtrack that complements the simplicity of the games graphics and animation. The premise is simple enough for any newcomer to jump right into the series at Splitter 2, but the added levels and new features will excite veterans of the series, undoubtedly.

The main premise of Splitter 2, as with its predecessor, is to get the smiley-face ball to the exit. The exit is a brown circle located somewhere within the confines of the screen. The smiley-face only needs to touch the exit to register, which is good because there are many levels with exits that are not on the ground. There are two items which can be cut to move the smiley through the level: wood and ropes. Wooden blocks can be cut at an angle to release the smiley at an accurate degree, while ropes often control swinging or pendulum-like mechanisms, which either propel the smiley or are used to knock it into motion. The game is controlled by the mouse and a simple pressing of the mouse, dragging a red line to guide a desired cut, and a release of the mouse button is all that is needed to play the game.

Splitter 2 game features 32 puzzles in the "Standard Puzzle" section. Each puzzle is more difficult than the last and, once passed, puzzles can be returned to for additional play. The "Premium Puzzles" section features an added 30 puzzles with a "sign in" prompt. Players can use their Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace profiles to log into a MochiGames account to unlock these extra levels. The final choice of levels is the "Fan Puzzles," which have been created by fellow gamers. The link takes players to a board with over a hundred additional user-created levels. Players wishing to build their own levels may do so at the "Puzzle Editor" screen, but will be required to set up an account at the Casual Collective, an online community dedicated to casual browser games.

Splitter 2 is very similar to the first Splitter excepting for the omission of stars, which in Splitter made bonus points for players. However, the upgraded features of Splitter 2, such as the premium levels, user-created levels, and the editor option create a very fresh take on a simple-yet-popular online game.

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