Splitter 1 Game

Splitter 1 received above 80 marks from 3 large gaming portals online making it a great success:

  • Kongregate.com - 82%
  • Newgrounds.com - 86%
  • ArmorGames.com - 80%
  • Funny-Games.biz - 86%

About Splitter 1

Available for free online play, Splitter 1 game is an enjoyable physics-based browser game. It is designed by Eugene Karataev and is accompanied by a pleasant soundtrack courtesy of Johnny-K. Players will enjoy the simple graphics and increasing skill level of Splitter as they attempt to lead the smiley-faced man home.

The goal of Splitter is to cut through various items, such as blocks of wood and ropes, to create a clear path for a smiley-face to reach his home. The home is a brown circle and the smiley only needs to partially enter the circle to be 'registered' as "home." There are two other types of blocks, brick and steel, which cannot be cut. Bricks are static and steel is dynamic and both react to the force differently. Each level also features stars, which can be picked up along the way for extra bonus points.

The scoring is calculated by time, completion, and stars, and it is totalled up at the end of each level. The physics aspect of Splitter comes into play with the positions of the cuts made to the ropes and blocks. Ropes generally contain pendulum-like items to knock the smiley face in a desired direction. Ropes also can be used to hold back the smiley face at the start, or to secure heavy items for catapult-like effects.

The angle and timing of cuts is important to the game, and this is what makes the game difficult. Cuts even a fraction of a degree off can cause an undesired result, while a cut too early or too late in a precisely-timed chain of actions can set the entire level off. It is beneficial to note that there is a restart button on the right-hand side of the screen if, for any reason, players feel the need to scrap their current strategy and start again.

The Splitter 1 game is controlled by using the mouse. The mouse acts as a dagger to cut through obstacles. Players must simply hold down the mouse button and drag it across the item to cut it at the angle desired. The dagger will do the rest of the work. The player must not exceed the amount of cuts indicated on the right-hand sidebar.

This free browser game by Eugene Karataev is both fun and rewarding when you complete every level. The smiley-face is quite endearing and the background music accompanies the game well. The game increases in difficulty as it progresses through all 25 levels, and is an entertaining game for players of different abilities.

If you enjoyed Splitter 1 then you may also enjoy the second edition of this popular flash game - Splitter 2.

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