Sleepy Game

Sleepy received solid marks on a few of the big gaming portals including:

  • - 70%
  • - 80%
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About Sleepy

If peace and serenity are a gaming situation that you think you may enjoy then 'sleepy' offers everything you will have wanted. In this guide, we will explore a bit more about the game with the unusual title sleepy.

If you have played the game before you will know that the goal of the game is to remove 'sleepy' blocks from the platform without waking up any of the surrounding blocks. The challenge comes in when the blocks are stacked on top of one another, and you can only move a block that will disturb others.

On every level, you will be shown two colours at the bottom of the screen. These two colours are the colours that you can remove; therefore, any other colour you click on will not register. There are 15 levels in total, and each one of them increases in difficultly.

In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will notice a bar which decreases every time one of your characters is awake, therefore, once you wake up one of the little characters the game is not over, but if you keep on doing it then it soon will be.

Make sure you use the first level to get used to the game, as failing the level is almost impossible, therefore, get used to how the characters move when they are dislodged, and this will give you a better idea of what to expect from the game.

Once every level starts, a certain amount of characters are dropped in from the top of the screen and will land in a 'set' formation.

Hints and Tips

It may sound simple, but if you do not have to, then do not take one of the sleeping blocks from the middle or the bottom of a small formation. Always make sure you eliminate the characters at the top of a formation.

Before you start clicking around, make sure you evaluate the screen first; this will stop you pressing the reset button more than is required.

Try and pre-empt what colour will be available next. There is a good chance that if you need the colour to come up then it will, so be patient.


Without a doubt, some of the block games available are over complicated. This game is anything but, therefore, if you are addicted to simplicity then you will be captivated by sleepy.

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