Red Remover Players Pack Game

Red Remover Players Pack received strong ratings on the big gaming sites including: - 84%, - 86% and - 89%. It has yet to be published on

  • - 84%
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  • - 89%

About Red Remover Players Pack

Red remover is back with the second game in the series. This time the developers have hand selected the best of the player's designs to guarantee another puzzle block hit.

The changes from the first game are minimal in terms of sound effects, graphics and other bits and pieces; instead, the only change comes in the form of powerful new levels. Red Remover PP has added 40 new levels of block-busting fun.

The basic setup of the game see's each level offer different layouts which you need to conquer in order to move onto the next levels. You need to make sure you remove all of the red blocks from the screen, while making sure all of the green blocks stay on the screen.

Like the first game, the first 5 levels are straightforward. The first 5 levels act as a walk through for the next 35. For those of you that do not know the red blocks are bad and need to be removed, the green blocks are good and need to be kept on the screen, while the blue blocks are indifferent and can either be knocked off the screen or kept on there. The fifth level shows us an example of how gravity works in the game. You will soon see that the way every face points determines the way which the block will fall.

At the start of the game, you will realise that when you complete a level the level blocks will either turn green or gold. If they turn gold then you have completed the level in 'par', if they turn green then you have completed the level but not in the amount of turns that it is possible to complete that level in. To maximise the games length, you should try and complete every level in par. If you get stuck on a few levels, then there is always a walk through that you can go back to and check where you are going wrong.

One fun feature that the developers have added is auto completed levels. Upon completion of every 10 levels, you can look at some rather fun ways that players have setup their levels so that the level completes itself.

After making little to no mistakes in the first game the only way Red Remover could progress was to offer new levels with a few minor detail changes, and this is exactly what the game developers have done with Red Remover Players Pack game.

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