Red Remover 1 Game

Red Remover 1 received solid marks on many of the big gaming portals including: - 87%, - 88% and - 88%. It has not yet been released on

  • - 87%
  • - 88%
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  • - 88%

About Red Remover 1

In a block puzzle world, few games stand out from the crowd, but red remover 1 game is one of those that makes other block puzzle games look rather amateur.

The game does not boast much in the way of stunning graphics, or terrific sounds effects, but it does get all of the basics right, and when you get all of the basics right, the rest falls into place.

The game premise is basic; remove all of the 'bad' blocks off the screen, without eliminating the 'good' blocks. The idea sounds effortless, and the game is for the first 10 levels, but past this, it becomes a game of intricate timing and shrewd tactics.

The first 10 levels are mostly trouble-free because the blocks move in predetermined ways; however, past the first 10 levels the gravity mode is introduced. Gravity mode means you need to concentrate on the faces of the blocks to see which way they will move when released from the other blocks.

Red Remover has seemingly gone for everything it can offer in one game. While many others bring out a first game to test the water, red remover has faith in its ability and has brought gamers everything they require, including 40 levels and a level creator, which is usually left until the second game in the series.

The developers of red remover have got it spot on; the premise of the game is uncluttered, and straightforward yet the levels themselves are tough and addictive.

Early levels of the setup act as a walk through for new players, for those of you that missed out on the basics you will find them below:

  • Green blocks - need to stay on the screen at all times, if they fall you need to restart the level.
  • Blue blocks - are neutral blocks, they can fall off or stay on it does not matter.
  • Light Red blocks - you can either click on these blocks, or make them fall off of the screen.
  • Dark Red blocks - Need to fall off the screen as they cannot be clicked on to be removed.

After you have completed the game, there is good replay value. Replay value comes in the form of par mode, where you have to complete all of the levels in a set amount of moves. Levels highlighted in green have not been completed in 'par' and levels in gold have been.

If you complete all of the levels in the specified par mode, then you will receive 5 bonus levels. Red remover 1 game is a significant casual block game because of its playable simplicity, but also genius because of the level of physics involved in such a seemingly effortless game.

After completing the first game, why not try the players pack version of the series.

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