Perfect Balance 3 Game

Perfect Balance 3 maintained the consistently good marks the series has been getting with some solid ratings on the following portals:

  • - 76%
  • - 80%
  • - 75%
  • - 85%

About Perfect Balance 3

There are only a few games that have been successful enough to release a trilogy. However, perfect balance is one of these games. This is because the games are extremely addictive and well developed. In this guide, we will explore exactly why the perfect balance series (a collection of Tetris like games) has not been worn out even though it is currently on the third game in the series.

Changes from the first two games are limited, and while everything is much slicker, the actual changes to the 'heart' of the game are few and far between. This is by no means a poor move from the developers, because 'quality' games like this, do not come along very often, and if the developers 'ripped' the game apart, then the fans of the series would be disappointed.

The goal of each level in the Perfect Balance 3 game is to balance a series of objects on top of one another without allowing them to fall over. While this sounds simple in theory, the game is anything but and can be rather frustrating at times when you just cannot seem to balance one object on top of another.

The controls in the third game in the series are the same as the other two. You select your shape and drop them into the 'map' with the mouse, and you can rotate them with left and right keys. In this game, there are a few shapes that differ from what you will have found in the first game. For example, some of the shapes float, which makes them much harder to balance, and usually means you have to 'trap' them inside other shapes to complete the level. It is small additions like this that make the game an addition to the series, rather than an expansion to the second game.

Furthermore, after 'beating' the level you have the opportunity to add some gems onto your structure. This is not compulsory on every level, but it is suggested that you add as many gems as possible because you get extra points, and you will also unlock the next levels quicker.

The addition of a few new features has really brought this game to a whole new level, which makes it much more playable than the first two games in the series. However, it is suggested, if you are new to the series of games that you complete the other two before taking on this one, because they are considered easier.

Other games in the series you may enjoy include Perfect Balance 1, 2 and New Trials.

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