Max Damage 2 Game

Max Damage 2 matched its predecessor with a good hit rate at many gaming sites including the following marks:

  • - 76%
  • - 76%
  • - Not published
  • - 86%

About Max Damage 2

Following on from the hugely successful Max Damage 1, is the second game in the series, which is leaving the majority of Max Damage fans asking when the third game in the series will be released. In this guide, we will explore exactly where it differs from the first game and if it is at all as successful as the first game in terms of playability.

For those of you that have not been introduced to the Max Damage series, your goal is to wipe out products in order to pass each level. To do this you use your cannon and a variety of different balls, including basketballs and tennis balls. To control the cannon you need to point and click to shoot and move the cursor to control the speed of your objects. The game gets much harder as you move on, by placing certain barriers or objects in the way.

Max damage 2 game offers 50 new levels, which adds longevity to the series. Make sure you play the first game in the series before the second because it is the done thing. However, if you want to jump straight into the second game, then this is not a problem, as you are still offered a vast tutorial.

As far as what has changed, the answer to that question is nothing. However, in all honesty, it did not need to be changed, and too many developers change a good game when it does not need to be changed, which ruins the game. The 50 new levels are considered by many to be harder than the first game, and there have been a few new additional features at most.

Hints and Tips

  • Always aim for the product that has the highest value, unless you are required to do something else in order to complete the level.
  • Make sure you devise a plan before shooting. You will save a lot of time if you think before you shoot.
  • When you reset a level your mouse does not move back to the centre. Therefore, if you get stuck on a tricky level you can take as many turns as you want and only move the mouse slightly, which will save time.
  • When using the machine gun, you should make sure you move it along the items because aiming it at one specific area will only cause limited damage.

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