Max Damage 1 Game

Max Damage 1 received good ratings on many flash gaming sites including:

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  • - 78%
  • - 82%

About Max Damage 1

Causing damage is rarely a good thing, well in this game it is something that is applauded rather than punished. If you have ever felt like damaging a plasma television with a cannon ball, then the likelihood is that you have not been able to do so, until now. In this guide, we will explore a bit about Max Damage 1 game and why it has been such a successful game, which has been followed up with a sequel.

Your objective on each level is to cause enough damage to move onto the next level. The amount of damage you have caused is shown in the bottom right hand corner of every level, and is signified in dollars. If you hover over each item on the layout, then you will see how much you can earn from damaging that product. This means you should always try to aim for the object which is worth the most.

There are 49 levels to complete and each gets harder by adding barriers or objectives. For example, just a few levels in, you are offered bouncy balls with a large barrier directly in front of you, your goal is to bounce the balls underneath the barrier and try and hit the objects on the other side.

The developers have made sure that the game is not complicated, and the controls mirror this point. To control the cannon, it is as simple as point and click to shoot. If you hold the cursor close to the cannon than the shot will be weaker, if you hold the mouse further away from the cannon the shots are more powerful.

On each level, you are offered a set amount of cannon balls (which are shown in the bottom left hand corner of the screen). You can also reset the level by pressing the reset button or by using the H key. The chances are, you will be using the reset button a lot because the levels get tricky. However, this makes the game much more rewarding.

Max Damage 1 is an extremely uncomplicated game with a basic background and monotone music, but it is one of those games that you will not be able to put down until you complete it, and even then it is a struggle. If you enjoy being slightly destructive, but want to keep the cleaning up to a minimum, then Max Damage could be the perfect game for you.

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