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About Mahjong

The ancient pastime of Mahjong is not shy of a few flash games online; however, this version is without a doubt one of the better Mahjong games available to both the experienced Mahjong player and the newbie. In this guide, we will explore how this Mahjong game differs from others on the market, and why this should be near the top of your list if you decide to play the game.

For those of you that do not know, the game of Mahjong requires you to eliminate all the tiles from the board by pairing up tiles. However, you can only eliminate a tile that is not surrounded, which adds difficultly to the game, especially on 'crowded' levels.

This game has 150 wonderful levels for you to complete, and each level has its own difficultly level. This is a great feature for new players who do not want to struggle working their way through a particularly tough setup. The difficultly level is shown by a lightning symbol next to every stage, and this should be used by every player to determine what level they should be playing. It is extremely frustrating playing a stage that is too challenging, only for you to find this out once you have been playing the level for 10 minutes.

The levels are what you would expect of a 'typical' Mahjong game. Each level comes with a simple background, an information bar, a time bar, a help bar, how many tiles are left on the board, five chances to undo your last move, five chances to display a hint, your score, and how much bonus you have accumulated. On top of these 'expected' features, this game also offers a level editor where you can design stages. This is great for players that want to challenge others to work through their own designs. There is also a feature where you can highlight the tiles that are available for use. If you want to complete the game without any help, then you should make sure you do not use the undo or the hints button, and also turn off the highlighted tiles.

This Mahjong game gets all the basics right, and allows gamers to enjoy a straightforward game of Mahjong. As you progress, you can keep track of how you are getting on as the game notes down how many levels you have completed, and as long as you do not wipe your cookies you will be able to continue completing the levels.

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