Jungle Magic Game

About Jungle Magic

For years there have been variations of this game on the PC. In fact, plenty of them have found themselves at the 'top of the charts'. Now they are 'budget games' or available for free play online, but this has not made them any worse, if anything they are much better, but have fallen behind other 'popular' PC games due to their terrific graphics, and 'more appealing' storylines. Jungle magic is a game that is ideal for the type of gamer that prefers their NES to their Xbox. In this guide, we will explore the jungle magic game and why games like this are still 'unmatched' in terms of quality game play.

The game genre is very simple and this game is no different. As you will undoubtedly know, your objective is to 'pair' up blocks of the same colour in order to remove as many blocks as possible. The minimum amount of blocks you can 'pair' up is three, but the higher amount of blocks that you pair up the more points you receive. It is similar to PopCap's huge gem busting game - Bejeweled 2. You will also score further points for multi combos and larger combos, and because you can score additional points with multi combos, there is a tactic you can use to gain more points. You should always 'pair' up blocks from the bottom of the screen because then there are more chances of scoring points from multi combos.

In the Jungle Match game, your objective is to collect all the segments that are required by the 'symbol' on the left of the screen in the available time limit. To do this you need to make sure that the segments drop to the bottom, however, in order to gain more points you should make sure that you delay this right until you need to because of time.

As the game progresses through you will 'unlock' magical powers. These powers become active when you combine pieces in a certain way. For example, when you combine yellow pieces and one of them has a symbol they may explode, causing the blocks around them to be destroyed as well. As the game progresses, almost every combination will do something different leaving you with a series of explosions or special abilities, which will make the game like an animated firework display.

Doubtless this genre will be played for many more years to come due to its simplicity and addictiveness, however, Jungle magic is one of the best 'match 3' games on the market due to its vast differences, therefore, it is a must play.

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