Imperfect Balance Game

Imperfect Balance received decent marks on many of the big gaming portals such as:

  • - 78%
  • - 82%
  • - 72%
  • - 76%

About Imperfect Balance

There are plenty of block strategy gamers that will be able to tell you about games where your goal is to balance objects. However, finding a gamer that could tell you about the opposite was not easy, until now. Serious block strategy gamers will be able to tell you about the game 'balance' which is a terrific series of games by Ttursas. In this guide, we will explore the imperfect balance game, and what it offers gamers that are 'bored' with abiding by the rules. It is one of many tetris games that can be found at our site.

As you would expect, instead of trying to balance blocks 'perfectly' on the screen you are now trying to dislodge as many blocks as possible, using a set amount of 'starting' blocks.

To control the pieces, you need to click and drag the blocks to the centre of the screen and drop them where you think they will do the most 'damage'. You can only drop the pieces when they are highlighted white. You can use either left, right or A, D to rotate the shapes to make them more destructive. Once you have 'released' a shape it will fall into the level and hopefully knock as many blocks off as possible. Each level only requires you to dislodge a certain amount of blocks. However, every level offers up to three diamonds per level based on how many blocks you destroy, therefore, adding an extra incentive to knock off as many blocks as possible. Your overall goal should be to get three diamonds on every level, because this adds fantastic replay ability to the game.

If you think that imperfect balance is all about destruction rather than caution then you could not be more wrong. In fact, there is probably more required 'care' in this game, because you still need to devise a plan and then figure out how much destruction your shape would cause if you placed it in that area.

If you have not played perfect balance then I would suggest you play it before this game because it is the first in the series. However, imperfect balance does offer a 'vast' tutorial on the opening levels therefore, it is not essential that you play perfect balance first.

If you enjoy perfect balance then you will love the imperfect balance game. If you have never played either game before, but enjoy your physics based games then no doubt will be the ideal game to fill some time.

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