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Celebrate the holiday season with Fishdom, a fun Match 3 game! Solve immersive puzzles and build up your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas aquariums. Get yourself into the holiday mood: recreate the festive atmosphere of three great holidays in your tanks! Have fun taking care of quirky tropical fishies and adding amazing themed accessories to your virtual underwater kingdoms in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea!

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Gorgeous Aquariums
  • Get festive with fisdom!
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More about the game

What do you get when you roll the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas versions of the popular Fishdom game into one? You get Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea Download. If you've been a Fishdom fan for a while, and owned the previous versions, then there's nothing new for you here. But if you're a fan and don't own it, or if you're entering the underwater game world for the first time, then this is a winning offer.

Based on the match-3 puzzle format, this game takes you through an aquatic adventure where you collect gems, points and cash. You use the money to buy amazingly colourful fish, comfort gadgets and decorative items. You get fish tanks that you can fill with fish and other decorations from any of the three festive themes.

Whether you are swapping aquatic creatures on the boards to make matches, or decorating your aquarium with fanciful fish, festoons or filters, the game keeps you thoroughly involved at every stage. The Christmas theme allows you to choose items such as stars and Santa's. The Halloween theme features ghouls, goblins, pirates and pumpkins. If you prefer to decorate your turkeys, then you go for the Thanksgiving theme.

On each game board you have dozens of aquatic objects such as shells, octopi and crabs that you have to line up in threes or more, either horizontally or vertically. Once a match is made, they are removed from the grid, earning you points. If the game seems ridiculously simple to play, then you're in for a surprise. The creators have incorporated some devious twists to keep you intrigued for a long time. Some of the boards have tiles that are locked in place, so you have to match objects over them twice for the items to slide down the board. On the positive side, matching more than three objects in a row earns you a depth bomb or a lightning strike. These destroy the objects off the board, making it easier for you clear it sooner.

You can play the game in a relaxed mode, where there is no timer to contend with much like Bejeweled 2, on in the action mode where you play against the clock for extra excitement. In this mode, there is a timer tube on the right hand side of each board that slowly fills up to indicate the time you take to complete each level. If you complete it in time, you win all the points you've accumulated, and any remaining time is converted to bonus points.

As you fill and decorate your tank with your finned pets, plants and paraphernalia, the game tracks your inventory through three gauges. Once you fill the levels for the fish, comfort and decorative items, you win a trophy. Winning a series of them unlocks two more secret tanks to adorn.

You will be bowled over by the stunningly realistic graphics. The animations of the swimming fish, the swaying plants and the movements of the aquatic icons on the boards are entertaining and engrossing. The range of exotic fish to play around with is astounding. The music and sound effects are soothing and appropriate for the underwater theme. Overall, Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea Download is an engrossing package of three intensely engaging festive themed games. You have to play it to see how the match-3 puzzle format has been elevated, or should we say submerged, to new levels in this underwater excursion.

Rating: 89%

You can download the game for Windows XP, Vista and 7 by clicking here.

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