Feed The King Game

Feed the King received good marks on many of the big gaming portals including:

  • Kongregate.com - 80%
  • Newgrounds.com - 87%
  • ArmorGames.com - 80%
  • Funny-Games.biz - 86%

Feed the King takes block games back to their basic routes with this fun filled game of skill and greed! So what is this game all about? Well you must pile the cakes as high as possible above a little fat king who is purched on a chair. The aim is to avoid waking any of the king's guards so you can continue stacking the delicious cakes for as long as possible before the king gets a chance to eat them. If you disturb a guard by dropping a cake into an obstacle such as a bomb or down onto the floor the guards will awake and set the king in motion. The king is fired into the air and starts to scoff all the cakes you just stacked up for him.

Points are achieved from not only stacking as many cakes as you can, but stacking them as awkwardly as possible without letting any of them drop to the ground. More points are also gained when controlling the king as he is fired up into the air and starts to eat the cakes. You need to make sure he eats as many cakes as possible to gain maximum points.

The game goes on indefinately or until you drop a cake and wake a guard up and is made harder by smaller cakes appearing later on in the game. For example you could be faced with having to stack one small square cake on top of another. This may sound reasonable but the cakes start to sway from side to side at a very fast pace and clicking on one cake to be dropped at the exact moment onto another can prove extremely tricky.

Unlike many other block stacking games Feed the King game only relies on basic physics which is every cake you drop must land somewhere on the previous cake, or it drops to the floor the guards awake and ignite the king. But there is no chance of the pile of cakes toppling due to an imbalance, so where as in games such as 99 Bricks and Super Stacker 2 you have to make sure the stacked blocks balance in the Feed the King game you don't have to worry about building a tower of blocks (or cakes) that makes sense on a physics level.

We hope you enjoy playing this Mochi games block game as much as we do and don't forget to post your score to the Mochi leaderboard!

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