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Use your Match 3 expertise to save the peaceful village of Verloren from the evil clutch of the demon Gorgon in Puzzle Quest 2! Play as a Sorcerer, a Templar, a Barbarian, or an Assassin, and take on evil! Each character has different unique abilities that will help you on your journey to defeat Gorgon. Putting a unique twist on classic Match 3 gameplay, Puzzle Quest 2 puts you in an epic battle against nasty foes!

  • Gripping gameplay
  • Exciting adventure
  • Save the village of Verloren!
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More about the game

The game that successfully moulded the match 3 puzzle and role playing genres with Puzzle Quest, takes a giant leap forward with its second edition. Puzzle Quest 2 download features even more challenging puzzles to solve, and a brand new array of villains to vanquish. Whether you're an RPG fan or a puzzle maniac, this game promises to keep everyone enthralled for days.

The game is set in a dark age, where mythical demons such as the Gorgon have devastated the town of Verloren. As the saviour of the town, you ramble through this medieval region to fight off evil monsters. You can choose the class of your hero to be a sorcerer, barbarian, assassin or templar. Each class has its own unique attributes which are improved as you gain mastery through the five levels in the game. No matter which class you choose for your hero, the game's story remains the same. You are, however, restricted to using certain weapons, skills and spells.

As you battle a string of rogues and wizards, you win their possessions, including their weapons and armour, metal, wood and other stuff that you can use to upgrade your own inventory. The battles are mostly one-on-one face-offs with the villains. The combat takes place on the game board where the puzzle is structured. You have to solve the game boards by matching up the gems on the grid. By doing this, you win the power to inflict damage on your opponents in battle, or enhance the magical potency of your spells. Matching four or more objects in a row wins you another free turn, keeping your enemy at bay. You need to understand which matches give you what kind of powers though. When in combat, you have to plan a masterful strategy that will cause your enemies to cause maximum damage.

You are allowed to gear up with two items of weapons or shields in battle. However, you can use these powerful items and spells only after picking up certain gems from the puzzle board. Puzzle Quest 2 windows game is interspersed with seven types of puzzle games which are cleverly linked to the storytelling. When you wish to unlock a treasure chest, you have to first clear the board to allow some key shaped jewels to appear. Matching them enables you to grab the loot from the chest. In another variation, you can only open a locked door by solving a puzzle that features lock picking devices. In other games, you are rewarded with special weapons, when you amass a certain amount of gems.

After completing each level, you win money to buy more weapons and gear for future battles. You also gain upgrade points that you can use to boost your strength, agility, morale, stamina and intelligence. Some of these attributes are valuable to certain classes than others.

In addition to the single-player adventure, you can also play Puzzle Quest 2 in the Tournament mode. In this multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends online in a battle of supremacy. This mode also allows you and your friends to select up to four monsters from the game and arrange one to one combats between them.

You will be impressed by the overall production quality on display in this game. Visually, the game features stunning graphics. The puzzle game boards stand out in their eye-popping colours and brilliant objects. The cast of characters is intricately drawn. There are animated sequences between the puzzles that add to the feel of the role playing adventure. The music is ominous and classic, to match the environs of the game. There are some parts of the story told through spoken dialogue as well. Puzzle Quest 2 download successfully integrates the match-3 puzzle genre with the role playing format, offering a satisfying experience for players of all types. Its Tournament mode promises thrilling escapades with friends, while its single player adventure tests the limits of strategic game playing.

Rating: 91%

You can Download the game for the PC Windows XP, Vista and 7 now by clicking here.

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