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Got an eye for words? Challenge your word savvy by using your artistic wit. Each PictoWords level combines fun pictures and letters to create words. For instance, how would you spell the word M-A-I-D using pictures? Earn extra points for longer words and quicker solutions. Fun bonus rounds are available and hints are handy in PictoWords, a visual Word game.

  • Word & Puzzle picture game
  • Fun bonus rounds
  • Name that word!
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More about the game

If you're bored with Boggle, and sick of Scrabble, then here's a snazzy little game to shake up those grey cells. Pictowords download arrives on the casual game scene as a welcome relief for cerebral thrill seekers. Although a simple, no frills game, it promises to delight and challenge you.

Pictowords is very much akin to participating in a TV game show where you are the contestant. Based on the Rebus word puzzle model, it teases you to come up with words by using images and letters. You are given from three to eight tiles that are either pictures or letters. You are to form a number of words by placing them in a sequence that makes sense.

For example, you are given the picture of a ring, a star, a tin and the letters G, E, and K. You are allowed to make words using just the letters as well, so you will come up with KEG, etc. The fun is in trying to combine the pictures with the letters. If you correctly guessed the picture of the star as STAR then placing the letter K next to it makes the word STARK. You can also make words by just using the pictures. Putting the pictures of the star and the ring next to each other makes the word STARRING. In this manner you can make up a series of words. At each level you are shown the possibilities of how many words you can form. If you form all the words on that level, you win points. There's a helpful Hint button if you need it. If you do not use it to complete the level, you're rewarded extra bonus points.

After a few levels, you receive a bonus round. Here, you are to guess a phrase within an allotted time, something like you've seen on Wheel of Fortune. The difference here is that you have to work with letters and images, rather than just letters.

If you think this game is a cakewalk, think again. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with the right word for the picture. For example, looking at the picture of a tin, you might think of the word "can", but that will not make the right words. At other times, the pictures are of a particular activity, like people running. This could be construed as run, race, jog, and so on. Only by playing with the combinations you can come up with the right words. Of course, once you've guessed the right picto word, you can make up other words much faster.

One of the shortcomings of the Pictowords game is that the pictos are repeated in different levels. So if you're guessed the right word for the picto in an earlier level, it becomes easy to crack it if it appears again later. However, there are numerous pictos in the game to keep it fresh for a long time. There's a bit of confusion in rules of the games too. Although you are not allowed to make words with two letter tiles, the picto words are sometimes two-letter words. Some acronyms such as EKG are accepted by the game, but some others are not.

Overall the game is addictive in its simplicity. It has no dazzling graphics or storyline to hook you in for lengthy game play. Yet it puts you in the hot seat as a contestant, forcing you to draw upon your powerful vocabulary. Ergo, Pictowords download is fun to play for short periods of time.

Rating: 80%

You can Download the game for the PC Windows XP, Vista and 7 now by clicking here.

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