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Africa, 1944. Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel matching adventure across the world's richest continent. Rearrange precious relics to turn tiles into gold as you advance through relentlessly challenging puzzles. The wilds of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery. Filled with puzzles of skill, treasure, and twists, Jewel Quest 2 is the adventure you've been waiting for.

  • 180 puzzles and boards.
  • 9 new jewels and power-ups.
  • 5 skill levels to master.
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More about the game

In this exciting adventure, we get a taste of the rich continent of Africa, as we follow a tale of romance and ambition. Accompanying the relic hunting hero, we discover unspoken dangers in the quest for untold treasures. Jilted by Emma, Rupert sets off in search of a magical relic. The game has a sprawling epic story that features the journeys of the other characters as well. The adventures take us from the picturesque ruins of Zimbabwe to the stupendous Victoria Falls. Along the way, we experience other awe-inspiring sights of the Dark Continent.

Jewel Quest 2 download uses the ever-popular and addictive match-3 format. Here, you match three precious and rare objects on a board. This can range from sparkling gems and African masks to unusual tribal charms. The objective is to line them up in threes or more by swapping adjacent items. The lined up objects vanish and the tiles on which they were placed turn to either silver or gold. New objects fall into the emptied spots. The more objects you match, the greater points you earn. You also score points for every tile that changes colour. Sometimes, you get gold coins as the objects to match. Lining these up in threes or more, earns you bigger bonuses and special moves. The game offers hints if you've not made a move for some time.

To add to the challenge, some of the relics on the board are buried inside the tiles. You have to match these twice to free them. In the really tough levels, the relic is almost hidden in the encrusted tile. To clear this item, you have to keep trying to match it to other relics until you hit the right match, or you can use one of the special moves to open up these tiles.

The entire board in Jewel Quest 2 becomes gold when the level is completed. Each level has a set timer, and you must complete the level before time runs out. You lose a life if you're unable to clear the board in time. If there is time still remaining when you complete the level, you are awarded bonus points. The time limits get tighter as you advance into higher levels, and the boards have unusual shapes and sizes. The sense of danger and suspense lurks behind us at every turn in this game.

As you advance into Sebastian's story, you have to complete each board twice. The first time around, the tiles turn to silver when the relics are matched. In the next round, they turn to gold. In certain grids, you will encounter monkey heads, which, if matched, will make you lose points! It is better to match other relics below them and get them to filter down and out of the board safely.

Jewel Quest 2 download offers you two modes of play. In the Quest mode, you play on your own, while in the Tournament mode, you can match your wits against any player in the world in an online encounter. The graphical interludes between the levels are rewarding in their own way. The choice of background music ranges from African tribal beats to inspiring symphonies.

The game has multiple dimensions and will keep you involved for hours on end. In the single player mode, you will encounter a dizzying array of game boards. The intricate storyline, the pervasive sense of adventure at every turn, the awesome graphics and sound - all these make this match 3 game a winner in its category.

Rating: 80%

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