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Dive into awesome Match 3 fun in Fishdom 2! Swap colorful tiles and earn tons of money to create the aquarium of your dreams! Let your imagination run wild as you unlock and decorate uniquely-themed tanks. Polish your aquarium design skills while having fun with your exotic finned pets. Top it with an educational Fishipedia containing fun facts about Fishdom sea creatures, and a bonus screensaver!

  • Fun minigames
  • Unique Fishipedia
  • Dive into Match 3 fun!
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More about the game

Have you ever wanted the most awesome aquarium on the block? Now you can with the Fishdom 2 download. You can collect the most exotic fish and decorative items to adorn virtual tanks and play an exciting match-3 puzzle game to boot.

A worthy successor to the Fishdom game that met with phenomenal success when launched, Fishdom 2 takes a step further in aquatic adventures. Like the previous game, your aim here is to swap tiles on a grid and clear them off by lining up three or more in a row, vertically or horizontally, very much similar to Bejeweled 2 Deluxe. Simple enough, but the makers have added some challenging twists that will keep you enthralled and entertained at the same time. You can play in the relaxed mode if you just want to have a good time, or against the timer mode, if you're feeling more adventurous.

In Fishdom 2 download for windows the objects to match are sea creatures, shells and other aquatic stuff, obviously. In each game board there are a set number of golden tiles. When you make a match over these, the golden tiles disappear. The level is completed when all the golden tiles have been removed. In the challenging rounds, some objects are tied down in chains, restricting the movement of other tiles around. It takes a bit of luck and perseverance to make matches around them and break the chains. In others, you will encounter metal spaces which need to be matched twice over to be removed.

If you make longer matches of four or more gems, you're rewarded with explosive power ups, such as firecrackers, depth mines and dynamites. When you match these devices with an adjacent string of objects, they will blow away many objects from the area, clearing a large part of the board for you. With every board that you complete, you earn points that convert to money. You can use this to buy fish, from stunning sting rays to the most adorable turtle. You can also buy decorative plants and comfort doodads.

As you buy more fish and items, they are added to your tank. Three gauges mark your inventory in each of the three categories of fish, comfort and decorations. When all the three gauges are full, you win a trophy and can proceed to buy another tank. In between the levels, you will find gems miraculously hidden behind plants and stuff in your tank. You search and find them, adding to your money total.

Replayability is guaranteed with the Fishdom 2 game. There are over a hundred puzzles, tons of accessories to choose from, and each tank can be decorated with a unique theme from Merworld to Egyptian decor, in addition to a bonus vacation theme.

The music is soothing and even the sound effects are melodious. There is nothing to jar your underwater experience. There is an option to save your decorated aquarium as a screensaver so you can watch your finned friends cavorting amidst all the ferns that you picked out for them.

Fishdom 2 is an outright match-3 game with stunning graphics and addictive game play on par with Pizza Chef 2. The animated fish are a joy to behold and the game allows you to unleash your creativity in setting up and decorating your virtual aquarium. While following a simple format, the game still manages to come up with challenging new ideas to keep the player engaged for a long time.

Rating: 89%

You can download the game for Windows XP, Vista and 7 by clicking here.

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