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Banish the unsightly lumps from majestic Borb Bay in this cute and cuddly Marble Popper game! The Borbs of Bubble Town are under attack! Man the cannon and put an end to the Lump menace with some explosive help from the boisterous Borbs! Match groups of three or more Borbs to recruit them into dislodging the tenacious Lumps from their hiding places. Visit the magical world of Bubble Town today!

  • Cute and cuddly characters
  • Two exciting play modes
  • Banish the Lumps today!
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More about the game

Bubble Town is the shooting game that will take you back to the arcades with a comparison to bobble (from which it has taken much inspiration). It forces you to use your wit, in addition to your trigger happy finger. With a variety of game modes and set ups, and a range of amusing and nasty characters, this game will entertain you for hours.

You can play Bubble Town download on the Journey mode, if you want to follow the plot line. A beautiful island is inundated with alien lumps, and you play a series of games to get rid of them. The game features a bunch of bubbleheads, called Borbs. In each game, you will find lumps buried in a group of Borb heads. Armed with a cannon or plunger, you also shoot these little character heads, at the bunch of Borbs and lumps in the middle of the screen. Matching three Borbs in a row dislodges them from the bunch. This releases some of the other Borbs around them, as well as the lumps hidden in the group.

The more accurately you aim, the more Borbs and lumps you can remove from the ball. Some shots will set off chain reactions releasing several heads at the same time. If you like to shoot your Borb to the sides or even to the top of the ball, you can use the walls on all sides to ricochet your Borb shooter. This can be a difficult skill to master at first. To help you, the game gives you a V shaped laser line that can predict how your shot will travel. In some levels, you can win the Sureshot feature, which helps you aim better at the group of lumps and Borb heads. Clearing the whole bunch sends you up to another level.

In the crucial Boss Battles, you are pitted against the Overlump, Big Boss and others. In these levels, the entire group of heads spins clockwise or anti clockwise after every shot you take at it. This makes it harder to select your targets.

Although there are no time limitations to the games, there is a sense of urgency, as you can run out of Borbs to shoot with, if you make too many misses. Your task is to clear all the Borbs from the ball and not to let it grow. But, if you don't make matches, your shot Borbs just stick to the ball, making it grow bigger. If the ball grows big enough to touch the sides of the screen, then you lose.

In the Endless mode, you forego the storyline and just concentrate on the bubble-popping games. In true arcade style, you are presented with a series of games that get difficult as you move up in stages. You have the option of choosing the Straight Up mode or the Ball mode. In the former mode, you are faced with several rows of Borb heads to shoot at. In the Ball mode, the Borb heads are assembled in a hexagonal shape in the centre of the screen. In both modes, you can choose the level you are comfortable playing at. You can play in relaxed, harmful or punishing levels, based on how much skill you have mastered in the game.

The Borb heads are cleverly animated. Some are cute and whimsical, while others are vicious and nasty looking. You will find some sleeping, others snarling. You can nudge the sleeping ones awake by hitting them with an identical Borb. The music is lively to match the mood of the game, and the production quality is pretty decent.

Overall, Bubble Town download for windows is a neat little arcade style game. It offers a wide range of options and playing modes to suit your needs. Some may find the plot line a bit thin and not exciting enough, but the heart of the game is in the shooting match up. This is where the game does not let you down. Play it yourself and see why Bubble Town is such an online rage today.

Rating: 82%

You can download the game for Windows XP, Vista and 7 by clicking here.

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