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Bejeweled 2 Deluxe for the PC - Shine up your matching skills to make your way through Bejeweled 2. Have you ever wondered why this match-3 is the game everyone knows? Try it out and see. With even more glitz and glamour, this new take on the ever-loved gem-swapping original will keep you amazed.

  • 4 ways to play.
  • Captivating gameplay.
  • Popular puzzle game.
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More about the game

More about the game

Bejeweled 2 Download (Deluxe) is an extension of a worthy predecessor that once again proves the KISS adage: "Keep it simple, stupid!" There is no complicated plotline to follow and no brain challenging puzzles to solve. This game takes the tried and true match 3 game, gives it a space age feel and delivers a truly addictive experience.

Using its simple controls, it doesn't take long to master the skill of lining up matching jewels and zapping them off the board. It's this simple logic that will hook you for hours. In this version of the hugely popular game, the graphics and sound effects have been enhanced, more levels added and there are also some welcome surprises. If you have some time to kill, there's no other casual game like this.

You can play this enhanced Bejeweled 2 game in four modes. The Classic Mode is the familiar board with colourful gems for you to match. If you take a few extra seconds searching for matches, the game gently points out which gems to swap to get a match. You don't lose points if you take this free hint, but if you're really stuck and use the large Hint button, then a few points are deducted from your score. If you line up four gems in a row, you're rewarded with a Power Gem. When you create a match with the Power Gem, then boom! You win a bunch of bonus points.

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If you're lucky to match five of a kind, then you win the Hyper Cube that zaps out all gems of the same kind from the entire board in an awesome pyrotechnic display. Once you've amassed a certain number of points, you are transported via an intergalactic screen to the next level.

In the Puzzle mode, there's a bit of a story thrown in. You're asked to solve a string of puzzles that belong to a particular planet in a fictitious galaxy. The puzzles still feature the match 3 format but it takes some strategy to remove the gems from the grids. The puzzles are easy at first but get increasingly hard as you proceed.

If you like testing your gem zapping skills against a timer, then you can choose the Action mode. If you don't want to be bothered with time or mental gymnastics, you should play in the Classic mode.

Overall, there is a space age theme to the game with outer space skyscapes and alien planetary vistas. The cool features are augmented by a deep baritone announcer's voice that sets you off on the game. He boosts your ego with encouraging remarks such as "Excellent", "Good Move", etc. On the other hand, he also lets you know when no more moves are left or time has run out. After every game, you are presented with a board of top-scorers and a lot of other statistics, which will inspire you to restart the game to give it one more shot.

With eye-popping graphics, melodious tunes and realistic sound effects, this game packs high production values. It may be too simple to play for some gamers, but that is the beauty of thee last mode, aptly titled "Endless". Here you can keep sliding those gems to your heart's content. It is this addictive simplicity that keeps you coming back for more. No matter which mode you choose to play in, Bejeweled 2 Download will bedazzle and bewitch you with its magic.

Rating: 88%

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