Demolition Dude 1 Game

Demolition Dude 1 received good all around marks from many gaming sites:

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About Demolition Dude

Ever dreamt of controlling heavy machinery for the purpose of destruction? Well the majority of us have, but it rarely comes true. Well for those people it may be time to play the demolition dude 1 game to fulfil all of your fantasies without putting anybodies life in danger!

Demolition Dude is entirely different to what you may expect. It may be time to destroy a selection of buildings but not in the orthodox way!

There are 32 levels in total, 2 tutorial levels with 30 main levels. It is essential that you follow the two tutorial levels closely to make sure you fully understand the logistics of the game.

On the screen, you will realise that there is no demolition equipment, which seems slightly strange for a demolition game. Instead, you will realise a catapult in the bottom left hand corner, and you will start to understand the full meaning of the term Demolition Dude. Yes, it is time for the dude to carry out the demolition. The idea is you need to use the dude's body to demolish all of the construction to pass the level.

On the first tutorial level, you will realise the catapult. To operate the catapult you need to drag back the catapult, and release it to hit the wall for 100% destruction. In the top right hand corner of the screen, you will see the percentage of how much you have demolished of the property. The second tutorial level will show you about collateral damage.

In the game, collateral damage means you cannot cause a certain amount of damage to any part of the level that does not need to be knocked down. If you do cause an excessive amount of damage to these areas, then you will not pass the level.

When you start the main levels, you will be offered level skips for levels that you cannot complete. If you truly cannot complete the level, then there is the option to look at the walk through; however, it is always more rewarding to beat the game yourself.

As you progress through the levels, you will see several new and different challenges that the game chucks in to make it much more difficult to complete. For example, on the second level there are steel barriers which the dude cannot directly pass through.

Demolition dude is one of those block games which has fantastic playability, making it one of the leading block games around today.

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