Demolition City 2 Game

Demolition City 2 game went one better on its ratings compared to what was already a very successful original game:

  • - 80%
  • - 88%
  • - 87%
  • - 88%

About Demolition City 2

Demolition City is back with the second in the series of demolition games. It is time to don your hard hat to get off to the demolition site to break down the walls.

Instantly, you will be able to see that the second game in the series has improved from the first. The first thing you will realise is that there is a level editor which is common among the majority of the sequels in the series.

Entering the new and improved world map you will see 5 city's which you need to renovate to ground level. Upon clicking on the levels, you will see an amount of buildings with a price underneath, and upon completion of the level, you will receive the price shown underneath.

For those of you that do not know, the objective is to blow up the structure on the screen with a preset amount of dynamite sticks that you must place in different positions of the structure.

The game differs a lot to the first game. On the first level, you will see the same basic layout, however, down the bottom of the screen you will realise some differences. There is now a tools box, where you can buy more pieces of explosives, including more dynamite, RDX, PCD or RMF.

Players of the first game in the series will realise that you receive a set amount of pieces to destroy structures, whereas in this game you have a licence to buy what you need, on top of the preset dynamite. This adds a whole new element of strategy to the game, which makes it harder than the first one.

You receive dynamite points for each level, and this shows you the amount of dynamite you can use. You then receive three sums of money upon completion of the level. Firstly, the contract price, secondly, the height bonus, and last but not least the explosive bonus. Underneath, these costs are damage costs, from level to level you will see a few different constructions, if your structure hits into one of these targets then you will lose a lot of your money, so ensure you miss every other construction on the map.

As well as being much harder than the first game, Demolition City 2 game in the series is much more playable in terms of longevity and tactical toughness, these are the reasons why the second game in the series is much better than the first.

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