Demolition City 1 Game

Demolition City 1 was welcomed by the flash games community and received high marks on many gaming portals including:

  • - 80%
  • - 87%
  • - 85%
  • - 85%

About Demolition City

Many block games are remarkably similar in the way they are presented and offered to gamers. Some break the mould, while others blow it up. This is unquestionably one of the latter.

Demolition City 1 game does exactly what it says in the title, it gives you the chance to blow up buildings in a city with smartly placed dynamite. The game is produced by Armor games and developed by Joey Betz.

The game offers 20 levels, which increase in difficultly from the first level to the last. When you enter the first level, you will see how each level is laid out. The game is laid out with a straightforward background, but the information on the screen is invaluable to making sure you follow all of the rules, and place your TNT in the correct area.

The first features that will stick out to you on the screen will be the two lines. These two lines are your two base lines which you will need to follow throughout the twenty levels. The top line is the height of your building, and the second line is the line you need to reduce the building to in order to pass the level.

On the bottom panel, you will see several details which you should pay attention to in order to progress. The first is the damage on the bottom left of the screen. The damage that you do to the structure will determine the amount of money you receive for the level. The second bit you will notice is how much dynamite you have for that level. The first number is how much you have used, while the second number is how much you have left to place. The next in the sequence is the level number you are facing. Then you have options to leave, reset the level and to blow up the dynamite you have placed.

The game requires you to think like a structural engineer, and to have the precision of one. On a few of the harder levels, you will be shown other buildings to either the left or the right of your screen, which you cannot touch with any of your explosion. To avoid these buildings you need to make sure that you blow up areas that will make the building fall in the way that will avoid these buildings.

While remaining simple, Demolition City 1 game is a tough game which will have players re-think their strategies time after time, even though the game is just 20 levels long.

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