Cyclops Physics Game

Cyclop Physics: More Than Meets the Eye

If you are on the lookout for an honest to goodness puzzle game that refrains from complicated objectives, gimmicky power ups and lengthy solutions, Cyclop Physics is definitely a sound choice. All you really have to do to accomplish each stage is to skillfully maneuver each Cyclop to a bar of the same color and have some wicked fun doing it.

In-Game Physics

As a critical component to the core game play, the Cyclop characters offer a twist on the whole premise. You see, these little guys change form with a single click. Coming in pairs (or more) of red and green, they are either blocks which stay firmly in place or are round balls, rolling about the level. Manipulating the movement of these mutants involves using level objects to slip and slide to your advantage. After getting them to their proper places, the Cyclops would need to physically touch the corresponding colored platform before you get the a-ok.

Among these quirky and helpful level tools are your quintessential moving bars. Aside from pushing and blocking your round Cyclop types like a cue ball, these also serve as bridges from one section to another. You will need to time your placement and choose when to morph your Cyclop carefully in order to breeze through the levels. For instance, while sliding in ball form, the Cyclop gains momentum. If the hapless unit happens to go too fast, it may go up and over your target platform. In order to slow it down, you may need to click it while it is on the go.

Just like in billiards, managing to slam two balls together will cause them to nudge or propel the other to your desired direction. Managing to time your clicks in order to manipulate the movement of stacked Cyclop blocks also counts to complete some levels. The thing is, there are times when there are magnetic platforms present. In those cases, it may take a few tries before you figure out what direction your finicky Cyclops want to take. Unless you want to do things upside down that is, in which case, you could end up with blood rushing to your head, or actually manage to solve the level like it is a piece of cake.

Another interesting part of the game is the mysterious gray Cyclop. While it is indeed a rare sight, the unicorn of Cyclop pieces will be able to help impede its speedy little counterparts from overstepping their boundaries. Why its appearance is so few and far between is more mind boggling than some of the puzzle stages.

Getting in Command

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game is actually managing several Cyclops at once. This is done not only to allow one to squeeze through the proper platform gap, it is also to give the right ball a good push just before the other loses force. We find that this simple, interaction between the puzzle pieces a logical and highly genius aspect of the game. Things like this truly establishes Cyclop Physics as a solid puzzle title.

In terms of game play and concept, there is barely anything to complain about for this worthy physics title. Perhaps one teeny tiny gripe would be the lack of a proper tutorial at the start of the game. While the teens and above age range would be able to figure things out fine, no question, younger players may want to know a few more things before engaging in kicking Cyclop puzzle pieces to their proper places.

Stare with Both Eyes

While the cartoon graphics may not appeal to everyone, the overall look lives up to the silly puzzle game experience. Each level element is uniquely colored, offering no distractions to intently focused puzzle solvers. The menu icons are placed cleanly out of your way as well, leaving no room for careless errors. There is no undo button, but if you do happen to make mistakes however, you can choose to reset the level to try again.

An expected element to puzzle games, there is a Hint button present in Cyclop Physics. Unfortunately, all it does is to send you to another site which contains a video link. This video basically reveals all the solutions, giving you no space to enjoy the whole experience with just a help or two. We would have preferred minimal spoilers instead of demonstrating step by step how to beat a level. Or, at the very least, individual video guides would enable players to only look up levels they were unsuccessful in solving, without risking a peek on the next levels.

The Verdict

While it is simple, Cyclop Physics is not your run of the mill puzzle game experience. What it lacks in fireworks, it more than makes up with its honest, polished game play. The puzzle physics is logical and very enjoyable especially taking into account the silly little elements, such as the magnetic bars. Things like this truly sweeten the puzzle experience. Recommended for puzzle solvers of all ages, Cyclop Physics by Godvil Games will keep you alert, eyes wide open looking forward to tackling the next stage. We give this game a one-eyed critter’s 88/100.

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