Cubic Disturbance Game

About Cubic Disturbance

Blowing up items with bombs is nothing short of illegal, unless it is preformed safely in a game format. Blowing bombs up on a game is usually for destruction, and rarely to move around blocks. In cubic disturbance, it is your task to disturb cubes to get them onto the floor, now this may not sound exciting, but once you play it, you cannot stop. It is also terribly hard as well, because of the tough physics based strategy that has been factored into each level. In this guide, we will explore why cubic disturbance is such a great game.

On every level, your goal is to get the yellow cube onto the bottom of the screen (the floor). This sounds easy in theory but is much harder when you look at the often-times extravagant layouts. To get the cube to the floor you need to place bombs on the screen, which will (when detonated) force the cube to the floor.

To make sure this is a success you have an unlimited amount of bombs, however, it is much better to use as little as possible because you lose 100 points for every bomb that you use, therefore, if you use fewer bombs you receive more points. You need to time the explosions precisely to ensure you complete the level, and to do this you can set each bomb with a timer ranging from 1 second to 9.9 seconds.

The added element of difficultly in the cubic disturbance game comes with how each level is laid out. Some of the preset blocks are immovable, some are connected to other blocks, and others are just 'normal', but will stand in your way somehow. These tricky level layouts require you to think in advance about what the blocks will do when you set off the bombs. Even though some of the levels may look impossible, all of them can be completed using a 'reasonable' amount of bombs.

As the cubic disturbance game is physics based, there is also a bit of luck involved, which makes the game more intriguing. One of the best features of the game is its replay ability. You can complete the game with an unlimited amount of bombs (which is not hard), or you can try to devise tactics that will allow you to lower the amount of bombs that need to be used, doing this is not only fun, but rewarding.

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