Cube Boy 2 Game

The Second Coming of Cuboy

Our witty, fun loving cube bodied adventure hero Cuboy is back. Thanks to the guys at Edible Castle, we can finally take up the role of our three dimensional hero once more in this sequel to the acclaimed game, Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture - Era 1.

In this installment, Cuboy continues his adventure in ancient Cubathens. After falling from the sky, like a god in heat (according to a witness), Cuboy learns that the evil feline Padrino is now the Emperor's Advisor. Not only that, but the Time Warper has fallen in the hands of the God of the underworld, Hades. What is Padrino scheming now? What will Hades do with the Time Warper? Help Cuboy as he solves puzzles, make witty conversations and hopefully, gather enough wood to save the Cubathenians from Padrino's evil plans.

Edges never Looked so Smooth

The graphics in Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture - Era 2 still uses the first game's unique use of block structures, cell shading and camera angles to make up Cuboy's world. Colorful and well drawn, the games great use of animation and effects gives life to the world of Cuboy 2 like no other block games we have ever seen before. The clever use of animations, such as flickering fires on candles, flowing water cubes from the fountain and even minor things such as hands and feet movements from the characters truly add to the immersion player's will get while adventuring with Cuboy. Cuboy's emotions and actions are portrayed on his picture for most conversations; this adds more character depth than just reading the text of what he is saying. We really appreciate the efforts made by the developer on improving the already good visuals of the first game, despite it being minimal.

Square-Dancing to the Tune of the Past

Another milestone for block games, Cuboy 2 is a fully voiced block game. It is also overflowing with sound effects and has a really catchy sound track to help immerse players more in Cuboy's world. From Cuboy's witty side comments, an NPC's random gossip about his neighbor and even down to a sheep's "Bash", Cuboy's world feels alive and brimming with activities thanks to all these sound and dialogues. We can not help but smile and in some instances laugh a bit at some of the lines the characters in the game say. The writers did an amazing job in providing the game's characters with funny and at the same time interesting lines of conversation. While some of the jokes might require some "Parental Guidance", Cuboy 2's script never becomes offensive.

We also appreciate the great job the voice actors gave in delivering their lines. While some might sound a bit cheesy, we are quite sure that those were done intentionally to provide humor. We were really happy to hear Cuboy was still being voiced by the same guy from the first game. He gave Cuboy such personality in the first game; it just would not be the same without him reprising his role.

For those who just cannot get enough of Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture 2 - Era 2's soundtrack. You can download the music by going to the game menu at the upper left corner, once inside - just click on "Get the Music".

Solving the Rubik's Cube

We need to make something clear in regards to the games in the Cuboy series. While these games are considered block games which are pretty much synonymous with puzzle games, the Cuboy series are role playing games at heart. The gameplay might revolve around solving puzzles. But the approach is that of a role playing game since you have to travel to different areas in Cubathens, talk to people to get clues on what to do next, fetch items that will aid you in your quest and so on. These are all gameplay elements of a standard role playing game rather than your typical puzzle game. The only thing missing from the mix are random encounters and a level up system, add these in and Cuboy:Back to the Cubeture - Era 2 would have been listed together with Battle Fantasy.

Roaming the Ancient Lands of Cubathens

Travelling to different areas in the game is the key to your progress in Cuboy 2. People will send you to find certain items before they help or have you meet other inhabitants before they give you the things you need to stop Padrino's evil scheme. We advise revisiting areas that you have already passed, since some dialogues and events might open up after a certain scenario was triggered.

Striking a conversation with the citizens of Cubathens will give you information on where you need to go or whom you need to see before you can progress the story. Once you speak to someone, the game gives you choices on what type of questions you can ask, what witty response you should give or at certain times have you throw in a joke just to lighten up the conversation. We really loved the humor the writers added in certain lines in the game. This really gives the game a certain appeal no other puzzle/platformer title has - we will even go as far as saying that a lot of role playing games don't even come close to Cuboy 2's creative writing.

Always check your surroundings. A lot of the things our hero needs in his quest are actually scattered throughout the different areas in Cubathens. Some are even hidden in plain sight, so make sure to check every nook and cranny for items that you can interact with. Certain icon appears when something can be taken or when an interaction can be made with an object or person.

If you find yourself stuck check the items in your bag. All acquired objects are stored in your bag. You can open your inventory by clicking the "Box of Tricks" icon at the upper right corner of the screen. From here you can also change your attire (We really liked the Cowboy outfit), check you current quest and reminders, combine items and even listen to voiced descriptions of items you have acquired (some are actually really funny). Some puzzles require combining items to make the objects you might need to get through.

At the End of the Journey

Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture 2 is a great sequel to an already impressive first game. While the improvements might get overlooked the first time gamers play it, they would definitely recognize and appreciate the developer's effort in making the sequel during their adventures in Cuboy 2 - we definitely did.

So far, the only gripe we have with the sequel is that it takes a while for the game to load, especially on a slower internet speed. This is of course understandable, given the amount of stuffs being loaded in the game, such as animations, sounds and voices. Once in the game though, no loading ever comes up any more and players are free to go about their adventure in Cubathens uninterrupted. Be careful not to accidentally close the page that the game runs on because you will end up having to wait for the game to load again if you do.

Another thing to take note of for people who want to play the Cuboy series is that it is not a pick up and play game. You will be investing a significant amount of time on it since it is more of a role playing game rather than a puzzle game. The game does have a save and load option, so players can continue their adventures with Cuboy, just incase they need to stop playing the game, or if they just want to take a rest for while.

Normally, people play through a role playing game only once since the story is pretty much fixed. To increase Cuboy 2's replay value, the guys at Edible Castle were generous enough to include mini games such as Gladiator Stompinator - where to stomp your opponents to death and Fly High Mountain Guy - where your objective is to fly to freedom while dodging falling rocks, billiard balls and the occasional human (whom we suspect is one of the developers) just to name a few. This is a great bonus to an already amazing game.

We really enjoyed our trip to Cubathens and were delighted in our reunion with Cuboy in this sequel. This game is highly recommended to people who want to play an entertaining and fun role playing game. While the game has some shortcomings, those are easily surpassed by the great script, sounds and visuals. For those looking for a challenging puzzle/platformer block game, Cuboy 2 might not be the game your looking for, since like we said earlier - it is a role playing game with puzzles mixed in, but to those who are willing to wear Cuboy's block-shaped boots in his new adventure - you will not regret your decision. We give Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture - Era 2 the emperor's approval of 89/100.

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