Civiballs 2 Game

Civiballs 2 received slightly lower ratings than the original game on the big gaming sites but is nevertheless lots of fun to play.

  • - 82%
  • - 78%
  • - 75%
  • - 88%

About Civiballs 2

Returning for the second game in the series, Civiballs is back with its tactical puzzle setup Civiballs 1, which will be a relief to the developers. In fact, the second Civiballs game has left a lot of the fanatics asking the question, 'when will the third game be released?' In this guide, we will explore what Civiballs is and where it has improved from the first game.

The game layout and setup are almost exactly the same of the first, which is a smart move from the developers. Many developers make the simple mistake of changing the game too much from the first, but then most gamers do not like the change because it loses its originality.

The aim of the Civiballs 2 game is exactly the same as it was in the first one. For those of you that do not know, you need to cut different coloured balls from a rope or chain with your mouse. The balls then have to end in their respective coloured pots for you to complete the level, if they do not then you can restart the level, and if they prove to be too difficult you can 'cheat' and look at the walkthrough.

Just like the first game, this game is much more difficult than it sounds. Many of the levels require you to time your release of the balls, while others just have extremely difficult layouts that require you to think before you start clicking away (unless that is how you want to approach the game).

There are three new sets of levels to complete; Romans, Vikings and the Incas. All the three sets of levels offer something different in terms of graphics, difficultly and layout. There are also a few 'little' additions to the game which makes it slightly different with the first.

Civiballs 2 game is without a doubt a successful follow up game to the first. If you are finding the second game too hard, then it may be worthwhile playing the first game to get used to it, as the general opinion is that the first game is easier. While some may view Civiballs 2 as just an additional extension from the first, many will appreciate that the game did not need much in the way of alteration, and in fact, any major alterations would have spoilt it.

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