Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack Game

Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack Edition didnt fair as well with the marks as the first game and the Armor Games version, although it did achieve respectable marks:

  • - 74%
  • - Not published.
  • - 70%
  • - 84%

About Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack

Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack is a physics-based browser game by Limex. The game is offered for free play on and is a pleasant player pack addition to the original game - Cargo Bridge. The game has amusing artwork, humorous sound effects and is challenging enough to entertain almost every level of gamer.

Cargo Bridge is essentially a physics-based building game. Players must build a bridge from point A, (on the left of the screen), to point B, a site where presents lay for you to collect. The presents must be picked up by the workers and delivered without the bridge collapsing. This mouse-controlled game is simple to learn but the challenge lies in the game, itself. With limited money supply and a large, looming, valley below, it is a real test of true ingenuity to build strong and stable bridges between the starting point and the location of the presents.

In the build screen, there are four choices of material: wood walks, wood connectors, steel walks, and steel connectors. Wooden walks, though inexpensive, do not carry as much weight, which can become an issue when gifts like elephants come into the game. Steel walks and connectors cost more, but they stretch further and are stronger. Once the player connects walks and connectors to their approval, they can "test" the bridge. If the bridge sustains the trip to the presents and back to start, the level is passed. If the bridge breaks, the worker plummets to his demise (and hollers a loud complaint), then the player heads back to the drawing board, literally.

Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack game takes both patience and skill to complete. Many levels will have to be played numerous times before the perfect amount of tweaks are made to successfully progress the workers through their routine. The "Get a Hint" option in the top of the playing screen links players to a walkthrough. Additional help can be found by clicking the "Help Me" button, which produces a pop-up window with tips about the game.

Cargo Bridge Xmas is a holiday-themed addition to the Cargo Bridge game series. The game incorporates both architectural aspects as well as the need for a mathematical mind, making it entertaining while still remaining challenging. A positive note for fans of the series: Cargo Bridge Xmas is essentially additional levels of Cargo Bridge with a wintry theme, this means nothing has been changed from the original, this is just additional levels.

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