Cargo Bridge Armor Edition Game

Cargo Bridge Armor Edition went one better than the first game receiving strong marks, especially on

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About Cargo Bridge Armor Games

A browser game available for free from Limex, Cargo Bridge AG is an addition to the Cargo Blocks game series. The "AG" in the title refers to the site Armor Games, which is a sponsor of this edition of Cargo Blocks. Cargo Bricks Armor Games offers additional levels and a new background theme. The game incorporates basic physics with building and strategy.

The game is set in medieval times, with the workers taking on the role of knights. The scenery is uncomplicated, just like the majority of other games in Limex's series. The goal of Cargo Bridge AG is to get the knights from their starting point across a large valley or ravine to pick up items like crates, goblets, or livestock, and then it is back to the start to collect the reward. If a bridge section falls out, the workers consequently fall to their death, and the player must head back and re-design their bridge and restructure the weak areas that have just failed them. Once the level is completed, the player receives their score, and their progress is saved.

To build bridges, players enter the "Design Your Bridge" section where they can place wooden or steel walks and connectors between pre-set anchor points to build a strong bridge to handle high traffic and high weights. The budget for each level is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and whatever amount is leftover after the bridge is built is the score that is earned for that level. The steel items are the stronger of the two structures, but cost a bit more than the wooden items.

Additionally, connector pieces are not the same as walkways. They do no hold any weight and knights fall right through them. Once ready, the bridge is tested and if the knights meet their goals, the player moves on. If any knights do not meet the goals, the player must rework the bridge until it can pass the test. The faulty design can either be tweaked slightly by highlighting offending sections and clicking the "Delete Selection" or the entire project can be started from scratch by pressing the "Clear Project "icon.

Cargo Bridge Armor Games Edition is a browser game offered for free online play by The game offers the same entertaining challenge as the original Cargo Bridge, but with the additional levels which makes it a must play for any cargo bridge fan. You may also wish to try Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack.

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