Cargo Bridge 1 Game

Cargo Bridge 1 received great marks from the flash gaming community including:

  • - 80%
  • - 86%
  • - 83%
  • - 88%

About Cargo Bridge 1

Cargo Bridge 1 game is a clever and entertaining strategy game by Limex Games. The game is available to play for free online and can be played at With an added dose of humour, this game is a fun way to spend a few hours, while working out those out-of-shape brains into order.

The main goal of Cargo Bridge 1 is to build a bridge across a steep valley. The bridge must be able to hold the weight of both the worker and the cargo. At times this cargo is just a small crate; other times, it can be as large as an elephant. That means the bridge must be really heavy duty. The mouse controls the game, and it is very simple to figure out. However, there is a helpful tutorial in the opening of the game that takes players through the game and a strategy. The tutorial can be accessed any time during the game by pressing the "?" icon.

Once in the game, there are four icons ON the top left-hand corner of the screen. These are Design, Help Me!, Get a Hint, and Exit to Menu buttons. The Design button takes players to the blue print area, where they work on building the best bridge possible with the funds they have. These funds are displayed in the top right-hand corner of any given screen. The design screen has six buttons in the top left. These are:

  • Test Your Bridge - essentially entering the level
  • Help me! - pops up a tutorial dialog box to give tips.
  • Get a Hint - takes players to a video walk through
  • Delete Selected - deletes the highlighted bridge component.
  • Exit to Main Menu - takes players back to the main menu screen.
  • Clear Project - starts the level from the beginning (also resets money to beginning level)

The design screen features two building options: wood walk and connector. Connectors are weaker and cheaper than wood but do add stability to the wood walk, which helps with heavy cargo. Once the bridge is built, the test is done and if the cargo and the workers make it to the cargo and back safely, the level is completed.

The Cargo Bridge 1 game features fun animation and humorous sound effects which highlight the game well. The difficulty level can be quite high for players not used to this genre, but the game's tutorial offers a decent amount of help, as does the video walk through. Cargo Bridge is imaginative and entertaining, and is sure to catch hold of many types of gamers from puzzle freaks to physics nerds alike!

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