Building Blaster 1 Game

Building Blaster 1 received good marks on many of the big gaming websites including:

  • - 62%
  • - 78%
  • - Not published.
  • - 87%

About Building Blaster

Taking down structures of beauty is usually confined to the demolition sector, but not in this flash game. The Building Blaster 1 game is here to make sure your explosions are limited to your PC and not buildings which could see you end up behind bars.

The game follows a remarkably similar premise to other blow up the building games. The whole idea of the game is to destroy structures with all of the explosives at your disposal. Other similiar games include Demolition City 1 and 2.

To get the game underway you need to drag and drop the dynamite to the areas that you feel will destroy the structure the best. This means you need to examine the key areas which you believe will take out the majority of the building.

From level to level you have a set amount of dynamite to use on every building. You have three different sets of dynamite; including, one stick, two sticks and three sticks. Obviously, the more sticks of dynamite in the collection, the higher the impact of the explosion. This means you should focus your bigger sticks of TNT on the central areas of the building.

You can even lay down every bit of dynamite in one area, which will create a much larger explosion. Once you have set the dynamite down, and you are happy with the areas which they are placed then you need to press detonate. You can then watch your destruction unfold.

Unlike other games, with building blaster 1 game, your progress is judged on the amount of damage you do on every level. You will notice a goal bar on every level, when the destruction starts your goal bar will rise, and if it reaches the green area then you have successfully passed the level.

Like the majority of other games, on certain levels there are areas which you should avoid damaging, and in this game, these areas are set out in red.

Upon completion of every level, you will be given a score in dollars. This adds significant replay value to the game as you can go back and try and beat your old scores, however, included in the game, there are 50 levels of demolition fun, which is much more than most other games in this genre offer.

Building blaster is a fantastic game in the ever increasing series. Making sure you get everything in place before blowing up the dynamite as this will stop you from overly pressing the reset button, and allow you more time to devise your strategy plan.

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