Box Clever 1 Game

Box Clever 1 is another creative and addictive game by Gaz of the Game Home Page and has received great marks from many of the big games portals:

  • - 80%
  • - 83%
  • - Not published.
  • - 87%

About Box Clever 1

A free online puzzler, the Box Clever 1 game, is an addictive strategy game with platform elements. It has an energetic soundtrack and understated graphics. The fifteen challenging levels takea players, living as blue balloons, through an obstacle course where they must avoid not only hazards, but also little green balloons, in order to make it to an exit.

Box Clever is controlled by the arrow keys, but can also be controlled with W, A, S, D. The spacebar acts as a hotkey and brings up a menu which allows you to restart the current level, exit the game, and exit to a video walkthrough. One nice feature about the game design is the addition of a right-click menu, which makes toggling sound and music on and off, and adjusting the quality of the graphics an easy process. The soundtrack, however, is nearly impossible to mute, because it is so good. The music is really upbeat and truly matches the feeling of the game.

The game is easy to get the hang of, but difficult to master. The blue bubble needs to speed through the course, avoiding the lava below and spikes above. The little green balloons are the "infected" and therefore, also bad news. The static pieces of the course are black. However, many levels also contain grey pieces, which can be dropped by clicking the mouse. Once dropped, the pieces can also be shoved, but players must bear in mind that it takes a lot of effort to shove blocks, and if it is timing you are worried about, a nice high jump may fit the bill better. There are three achievements to unlock: Top Hat, Monocle, and Walking Stick. These fancy items are earned for completing all levels, killing all enemies (green balloons), and finishing all speed runs at the par level, respectively.

Brought to the flash game market by the designer Gaz, the Box Clever 1 game is just that, a clever game with cool music, fun levels, and a good dose of much needed challenge. A nice addition to the game is a video walkthrough directly linked from the game, making it possible for any gamer to pass the game, with a little studying, of course. There is also a level editor option and a link on the game takes players to a forum that features many other user-created levels, making this game one for longevity as you can sit there for hours trying to complete the new levels.

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