Bloxorz Game

About Bloxorz

This free online game by Damien Clarke, Bloxorz game, is an entertaining puzzle game involving a floating stage and a rectangular block. The game has attractive graphics and the absence of a soundtrack makes the game easy to play just about anywhere.

The main goal of Bloxorz is to get the rectangular block from one point on the stage to a square-shaped hole situated on another part of the stage. There is nothing but a great abyss off the edge of the platform and the block may not leave the stage, or the level is restarted.

There are 33 stages in the Bloxorz game and each is different, unique and challenging. The premise of the game may sound simple, but the manoeuvring of the block through 'maze-like' stages without allowing it fall off the edge is extremely difficult and many levels may require a few tries or at least a few minutes of mental planning before trying to attempt them. Along with the standard stage tiles, orange tiles sometimes show up. These are weak and cannot hold the entire weight of the block on one single tile.

Therefore, when going across these, the block must be on its side and not upright. If it is upright, the block will crash though and fall into the void below. Many levels also feature switches. These switches control any bridges on the level. The bridges are often necessary to get across one part of the stage to another. To activate an "O" bridge, the block must simply land on the switch.

However, the "X" bridges are considered heavy switches and the block must be on end to register enough weight to trigger the switch. Not all switches behave the same, either. This means that some switches open a bridge and leave it open, while others open once and then close upon passage.

The final switch, the "( )" switch, is a teleportation switch. This sends the half of the block to another part of the stage. Although the block is split, once the pieces reconnect, they rejoin and become one again. A whole block is needed to complete a level, so this rejoining must occur before completing the level.

With a pass code feature, (which makes the game accessible from any computer at anytime); Bloxorz is a great game for gamers that like a challenge. The game is fun, inventive, and challenging; making it a good choice for free online gaming fans.

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