Blowing Up Buildings Games

All the above games involve blowing up and demolishing buildings with TNT charges or projectiles. All of these games have emerged over the past few years as casual gamers have become more interested in physics type games.

Demolition City is a good example of one of the best blowing up the building games available for free online. Here you place several charges at different points of the building structure and set the timers for each bomb. The aim is to find the right placement for each TNT charge and the right count down time at which to set the bombs off. You must have blown up a certain percentage of the building structure in order to complete each level.

Blosics is slightly different to Demolition City. Here you use a projectile to knock down each building structure. Pulling the catapult back will gain your projectile more power in which to destroy each structure but the longer you leave the tension before letting the projectile fly the more of a point deficit you will have to start off with. The buildings in blosics are compromised of little stick blocks stacked like a pyramid where as in Demolition City they are steel girders. Both games are fully enjoyable physics type games and have sequels.

Demolition Dude is similiar to Blosics where you destroy structures through using a projectile as oppose to blowing the buildings up using bombs. In blosics your projectile was a basic ball where as in Demolition Dude its a guy you toss into the air and towards brick structures.

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