Blosics 2 Game

Blosics 2 achieved even higher marks than the original game on the big gaming arcade sites.

  • - 80%
  • - 82%
  • - 84%
  • - 87%

About Blosics 2

The newest venture by Jacek and Paulina Perzanowski in the Blosics family is Blosics 2 game, a very well put together addition to the series. The game is a free online game and features strategy and physics puzzles that are not only difficult, but enjoyable. In this second edition of Blosics, there are a few major changes that bring new life to the second game in the series.

The game play is similar to the original Blosics. The mouse controls the shooting of a ball at a stack of bricks in hopes of knocking the green balls off the stage. The goal score is displayed in the upper right-hand corner and is shown as a fraction underneath the current score. The restart button is a handy tool, but players should know that resetting the level does affect their overall score in the game.

In this edition, the ball size is selected at the right-hand side of the screen. Balls cost points, and the cost of each projectile is listed below the figure. Once the angle and power levels are both selected, the mouse button is released and the projectile is launched at the bricks. If, for any reason, the player needs to cancel the shot before releasing the mouse button, they need to press the spacebar. There are three different types of platforms that show up in various levels. Ice platforms are slippery and anything that hits these platforms slide farther. Rubber platforms bounce balls and send them back out, making it a physics challenge of return angle. The stone platform does not roll, bounce, or slide. It simply stops any momentum when hit.

The game features a new "Challenges" section, listed at the top of the screen. To view the challenge, (which awards extra points as well as unlocks special balls) simply click the word "Challenges." If a challenge has been fulfilled, a star will appear next to the "Challenges" icon.

The level editor feature of this sequel really brings an important addition to the series. The editor is a fun way for gamers to create their own levels and then test their own skill against them.

Blosics 2 game is fun and challenging and is the second in the Blosics series. The game features better animation, an added musical background, and 30 new and exciting levels. Players will enjoy knocking green bricks into oblivion while giving their minds a workout in strategy and physics.

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