Blosics 1 Game

Blosics 1 received good marks on Funny Games, Newgrounds and Kongregate:

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  • - 86%

About Blosics 1

Blosics 1 game is a free online puzzler from Igrek Productions. The game is a physics-based destruction game that features an interesting twist, terrific layout, and tough strategy.

The controls of the game are simple. Use the mouse to click inside the big blue ball to create a projectile. The longer the mouse is held down, the larger the ball gets, however, that also means the ball will cost more. In Blosics, each shot takes away from the score, meaning there is no numerical limit concerning how many shots can be fired, but with the shots going at a premium, it is safe to say that the fewer shots, the better. Additionally, the level can be restarted, but the player loses their overall points, therefore, restarting is not suggested in the long run.

The goal of each level in Blosics 1 is to get the target number of points. This number that you need to reach is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen as a fraction with the current score. Points are awarded for knocking green bricks off a platform. This seems like an easy goal until the actual game begins and the layout of the blocks throws the gamer somewhat. For starters, there are not only green blocks, there are also red blocks.

Unfortunately, these added blocks are not going to help increase the score at all, seeing as how for every red block knocked off the platform, the players score decreases. There are also rubber bars, which are often at times placed at an angle, which can be of assistance to players willing to risk their score on their confidence in their ability to determine physics. There are also ice bars, which makes blocks slip. The final type of bar is the stone bar, this bar blocks land and does not move at all.

Blosics 1 game is an enjoyable casual puzzler as it can be returned to anytime and picked up even years down the line without any problems. The instructions are straight-forward and aside from a basic knowledge of physics, good timing, and maybe a little luck, there is no requirement of past gaming experience to be successful at this game. The challenging layouts are complemented by the simple sound effects and straightforward graphics to create an enjoyable activity for all different types of gamers, however, be warned, when you think you know what you are, doing Blosics will throw a spanner in the works.

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