Blocks With Letters On 3 Game

Blocks With Letters On 3 keeps the consistency of half decent marks going amoungst the gaming community with more tricky word spelling challenges!

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About Blocks With Letters On 3

As the third game in a popular free online game series, Blocks With Letters On 3 (BWLO 3) is a great addition to the family. The game by Marty Sears offers something for fans of strategy, puzzles, and word games, alike. This edition is harder than the previous two, but still offers the same humorous animations, and a really great game just like the others in the series.

The Blocks With Letters On 3 game is controlled by the keyboard. The arrow keys move the blocks, while the spacebar selects the active block. The popular "Reset Level" button is also controlled with a mouse-click. The game features hints and clues as well as tutorial levels for gamers new to the trilogy. Ten of each are given at the beginning of the game. The "Clue Flap" offers the first letter of the secret word while the "Hint Button" offers a more detailed assistance, including direct strategy tips for the level.

The goal of Blocks With Letters On 3 is the same as the rest of the BWLO series: move lettered blocks around the board to end up with a English word on the yellow squares. It is a true test of wit to get by some of the obstacles thrown into this game, but good strategists will enjoy the challenge. The game features difficult obstacles like the rotator space, which flips letters on their sides. The game also features blue glue spaces, which are sticky and any block that passes through this, will become stuck on the spot. The main blocks of the game are grey. However, there are often one or two white blocks at any given level. Where the grey blocks follow gravitational pull and only move side to side otherwise, the white blocks are anti-gravity pieces and can move up, down, and side-to-side. There are also spaces that switch blocks from grey to white or vice versa.

The function of said block is evident by the colour of the block's triangle. There are gate blocks, which are shown with a coloured number on them. They turn off and on by passing a block over their switch, with is a triangle of corresponding colour and number.

BWLO 3 is a great follow-up to the first two in the series, and paired with the first two games, makes Blocks With Letters On one of the better game trilogies for exercise in patience, strategy, and at times luck.

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