Blocks With Letters On 2 Game

Blocks With Letters On 2 received similar marks to the original game which isn't a bad thing, as the first game did amass a good number of loyal players.

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  • - 75%
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About Blocks With Letters On 2

Blocks With Letters On 2 is the sequel to the popular Blocks With Letters On game by Marty Sears and Gimme5Games. This game sticks with the original premise of the first edition and only adds to it, with even more tricky levels and minor additions. As with Blocks With Letters On 1, BWLO2, adds a new element to challenge gamers after every few levels, creating an ever-increasingly difficult game that takes both a good mind for strategy and a good vocabulary.

Blocks With Letters On 2 spans 30 levels, each one is a bit harder than the previous one. Luckily, the designer thought to include a "Restart Level" button. The game picks up in difficulty where BWLO left off, therefore, you should probably play the first game in the series before the second. This may worry newcomers, but the game does offer tutorial levels.

The game is controlled by the arrow keys and the spacebar selects the block in play. The goal of BWLO 2 game is to create a word in the yellow spaces by moving lettered blocks around the game board. Blocks follow the laws of gravity, so once a block has dropped, it will not return to an above level. Of course, the game designers love making exceptions to the rules, as is true with the white blocks. White blocks are, evidently, immune to gravitational pull and can move up and down as well as side-to-side. While many levels feature white and grey blocks, some levels also feature colour-changing spaces which either switch white to grey or vice versa, depending on the colour of the switch.

There are also mystery switches which are just that, mysterious. Proceed with caution, as there are several other interesting stipulations that arise as the game progresses. Blue glue spaces are sticky and blocks that land on them are stuck forever. Blocks with numbers are gates. Gates can be turned on or off by placing a block on the gate switch: a like-coloured and same numbered switch. Often, levels will feature a rotator switch. This is a red spot on the block which flips the block over, upsetting the orientation of the letter. All the letters must be in the correct order AND orientation when completed, therefore, this can either be a setback or an aide depending on the level.

BWLO2 is a great follow-up to a wildly popular game and is also available on iPod Touch and iPhone. Once (if) you complete this second edition why not try the third in the series - BWLO 3.

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