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Blocks With Letters On 1 received a mixed bag of marks on flash games sites, but we don't necessarily think its such a bad game, rather that it doesn't appeal to the masses of games fans looking for more action in their puzzle games. It does, however, pose a challenge to those players who love to challenge their English and problem solving skills all in one, such as Count Down enthusiasts!

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About Blocks with Letters On 1 (BWLO 1)

Blocks with Letters On 1 (BWLO 1), is a free online flash game by Marty Spears for Gimme5Games. This game is a fun strategy game fused with different types of word puzzles. Before you start each level, make sure you read when the new features are announced, as this is very helpful.

BWLO is a simple game, but as the levels progress, the designers throw in 'upsets' such as anti-gravity blocks, block rotators, and others to increase the challenge. The goal of BWLO is to form a word in the yellow tiles by moving around lettered blocks. The letter blocks must be in the correct order and orientation to make the word.

Once completed, an animation plays out the word. The "Clue Flap" uncovers a hint, such as the first letter of the word, as to what word needs to be formed. The "Hint" button is more in depth, revealing a strategic tip to completing the level.

Basic game controls employ both the arrow keys and mouse-clicks. Blocks are chosen by a click of the mouse and moved around with the arrow keys. Along the way, additional features will be introduced to the game. For instance, standard blocks are grey, and the introduction of white block creates an added feature.

While grey blocks obey the gravitational pull of the bottom of the screen, the white block can move up and down as well as side-to-side. Red dots on the screen turn blocks clockwise, affecting their orientation. This is a huge strategic item, as passing through these dots will set the block on its end.

Blue glue spaces are just as they sound, sticky, and tough to overcome. Any block that touches these blue blocks are stuck in that spot. There are also numbered blockades. These are "gates" and they can be switched on or off by moving a block over their release button (a like-coloured and numbered triangle).

There are 64 levels in Blocks with Letters On 1 to complete, making it an extremely long-lasting block game. The game is also available as an iPhone and iPod Touch application, meaning this is a great take-along game for long waits. BWLO 1 is a really fun game and offers a great diversion for any player looking for a puzzle, strategy, word-play game whilst learning some basics of the english language. The fun animations and fun voice-overs round out the game to make it thoroughly entertaining.

If you are clever enough to complete all the levels on the first game, why not try BWLO 2?

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